Won-Chul Lee
Won-Chul Lee
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The transcriptional landscape and mutational profile of lung adenocarcinoma
JS Seo, YS Ju, WC Lee, JY Shin, JK Lee, T Bleazard, J Lee, YJ Jung, ...
Genome research 22 (11), 2109-2119, 2012
A transforming KIF5B and RET gene fusion in lung adenocarcinoma revealed from whole-genome and transcriptome sequencing
YS Ju, WC Lee, JY Shin, S Lee, T Bleazard, JK Won, YT Kim, JI Kim, ...
Genome research 22 (3), 436-445, 2012
Molecular Profiling Reveals Unique Immune and Metabolic Features of Melanoma Brain MetastasesMolecular Profiling of Melanoma Brain Metastases
GM Fischer, A Jalali, DA Kircher, WC Lee, JL McQuade, LE Haydu, ...
Cancer discovery 9 (5), 628-645, 2019
Targeted sequencing of cancer-related genes in colorectal cancer using next-generation sequencing
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Extensive genomic and transcriptional diversity identified through massively parallel DNA and RNA sequencing of eighteen Korean individuals
YS Ju, JI Kim, S Kim, D Hong, H Park, JY Shin, S Lee, WC Lee, S Kim, ...
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Comprehensive T cell repertoire characterization of non-small cell lung cancer
A Reuben, J Zhang, SH Chiou, RM Gittelman, J Li, WC Lee, J Fujimoto, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 603, 2020
Exosomal proteins in the aqueous humor as novel biomarkers in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration
GY Kang, JY Bang, AJ Choi, J Yoon, WC Lee, S Choi, S Yoon, HC Kim, ...
Journal of proteome research 13 (2), 581-595, 2014
An epigenomic roadmap to induced pluripotency reveals DNA methylation as a reprogramming modulator
DS Lee, JY Shin, PD Tonge, MC Puri, S Lee, H Park, WC Lee, ...
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RNA editing in RHOQ promotes invasion potential in colorectal cancer
SW Han, HP Kim, JY Shin, EG Jeong, WC Lee, KY Kim, SY Park, DW Lee, ...
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Novel fusion transcripts in human gastric cancer revealed by transcriptome analysis
HP Kim, GA Cho, SW Han, JY Shin, EG Jeong, SH Song, WC Lee, ...
Oncogene 33 (47), 5434-5441, 2014
The Korean guideline for gastric cancer screening
현아박, 수연남, 상길이, 상균김, 기남심, 상민박, 선영이, 혜승한, ...
Journal of the Korean Medical Association 58 (5), 373-384, 2015
Multiregion gene expression profiling reveals heterogeneity in molecular subtypes and immunotherapy response signatures in lung cancer
WC Lee, L Diao, J Wang, J Zhang, EB Roarty, S Varghese, CW Chow, ...
Modern Pathology 31 (6), 947-955, 2018
Proteomic analysis for tissues and liquid from Bonghan ducts on rabbit intestinal surfaces
SJ Lee, BC Lee, CH Nam, WC Lee, SU Jhang, HS Park, KS Soh
Journal of Acupuncture and meridian studies 1 (2), 97-109, 2008
Characterization of the immune landscape of EGFR-mutant NSCLC identifies CD73/adenosine pathway as a potential therapeutic target
X Le, MV Negrao, A Reuben, L Federico, L Diao, D McGrail, M Nilsson, ...
Journal of thoracic oncology 16 (4), 583-600, 2021
SCUD: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Ubiquitination Database
WC Lee, M Lee, JW Jung, KP Kim, D Kim
BMC genomics 9, 1-7, 2008
Epigenetic regulation of cholinergic receptor M1 (CHRM1) by histone H3K9me3 impairs Ca2+ signaling in Huntington’s disease
J Lee, YJ Hwang, JY Shin, WC Lee, J Wie, KY Kim, MY Lee, D Hwang, ...
Acta neuropathologica 125, 727-739, 2013
Global gene expression profile of Orientia tsutsugamushi
BA Cho, NH Cho, CK Min, SY Kim, JS Yang, JR Lee, JW Jung, WC Lee, ...
Proteomics 10 (8), 1699-1715, 2010
Multiomics profiling of primary lung cancers and distant metastases reveals immunosuppression as a common characteristic of tumor cells with metastatic plasticity
WC Lee, A Reuben, X Hu, N McGranahan, R Chen, A Jalali, MV Negrao, ...
Genome biology 21 (1), 1-21, 2020
Immune and circulating tumor DNA profiling after radiation treatment for oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer: translational correlatives from a mature randomized phase …
C Tang, WC Lee, A Reuben, L Chang, H Tran, L Little, C Gumbs, J Wargo, ...
International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 106 (2), 349-357, 2020
Molecular profiling reveals unique immune and metabolic features of melanoma brain metastases. Cancer Discov. 2019; 9: 628–645. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290
GM Fischer, A Jalali, DA Kircher, WC Lee, JL McQuade, LE Haydu, ...
CD-18-1489.[Europe PMC free article][Abstract][CrossRef][Google Scholar], 0
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