Manoj Gopalakrishnan
Manoj Gopalakrishnan
Department of Physics, IIT Madras
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A catalytic role of heparin within the extracellular matrix
M Mitsi, K Forsten-Williams, M Gopalakrishnan, MA Nugent
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (50), 34796-34807, 2008
Effects of receptor clustering on ligand dissociation kinetics: theory and simulations
M Gopalakrishnan, K Forsten-Williams, MA Nugent, UC Täuber
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Persistence in higher dimensions: A finite size scaling study
G Manoj, P Ray
Physical Review E 62 (6), 7755, 2000
Ligand rebinding: self-consistent mean-field theory and numerical simulations applied to surface plasmon resonance studies
M Gopalakrishnan, K Forsten-Williams, TR Cassino, L Padro, TE Ryan, ...
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A first-passage-time theory for search and capture of chromosomes by microtubules in mitosis
M Gopalakrishnan, BS Govindan
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Length control of microtubules by depolymerizing motor proteins
BS Govindan, M Gopalakrishnan, D Chowdhury
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Effectiveness of a dynein team in a tug of war helped by reduced load sensitivity of detachment: evidence from the study of bidirectional endosome transport in D. discoideum
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Spatial distribution of persistent sites
G Manoj, P Ray
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Scaling and fractal formation in persistence
G Manoj, P Ray
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 33 (12), L109, 2000
Microtubule catastrophe from protofilament dynamics
V Jemseena, M Gopalakrishnan
Physical Review E 88 (3), 032717, 2013
Detection of sub-degree angular fluctuations of the local cell membrane slope using optical tweezers
R Vaippully, V Ramanujan, M Gopalakrishnan, S Bajpai, B Roy
Soft Matter 16 (32), 7606-7612, 2020
Transport of organelles by elastically coupled motor proteins
D Bhat, M Gopalakrishnan
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Theoretical results for chemotactic response and drift of E. coli in a weak attractant gradient
M Reneaux, M Gopalakrishnan
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Dynamics of a passive sliding particle on a randomly fluctuating surface
M Gopalakrishnan
Physical Review E 69 (1), 011105, 2004
Phase separation driven by a fluctuating two-dimensional self-affine potential field
G Manoj, M Barma
Journal of statistical physics 110, 1305-1316, 2003
Ligand-induced coupling versus receptor pre-association: cellular automaton simulations of FGF-2 binding
M Gopalakrishnan, K Forsten-Williams, UC Täuber
Journal of theoretical biology 227 (2), 239-251, 2004
Effects of aging in catastrophe on the steady state and dynamics of a microtubule population
V Jemseena, M Gopalakrishnan
Physical Review E 91 (5), 052704, 2015
Memory, bias, and correlations in bidirectional transport of molecular-motor-driven cargoes
D Bhat, M Gopalakrishnan
Physical Review E 88 (4), 042702, 2013
Polymerisation force of a rigid filament bundle: diffusive interaction leads to sublinear force-number scaling
J Valiyakath, M Gopalakrishnan
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 2526, 2018
Stall force of a cargo driven by N interacting motor proteins
D Bhat, M Gopalakrishnan
Europhysics Letters 117 (2), 28004, 2017
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