Anita Kloss-Brandstätter
Anita Kloss-Brandstätter
Lecturer of Mathematics, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
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New loci associated with kidney function and chronic kidney disease
A Köttgen, C Pattaro, CA Böger, C Fuchsberger, M Olden, NL Glazer, ...
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HaploGrep 2: mitochondrial haplogroup classification in the era of high-throughput sequencing
H Weissensteiner, D Pacher, A Kloss-Brandstätter, L Forer, G Specht, ...
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HaploGrep: a fast and reliable algorithm for automatic classification of mitochondrial DNA haplogroups
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Telomere length and risk of incident cancer and cancer mortality
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Mirror extreme BMI phenotypes associated with gene dosage at the chromosome 16p11. 2 locus
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EMPOP—a forensic mtDNA database
W Parson, A Dür
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Cellular aging reflected by leukocyte telomere length predicts advanced atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease risk
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Influences on the reduction of relative telomere length over 10 years in the population-based Bruneck Study: introduction of a well-controlled high-throughput assay
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Investigation of heteroplasmy in the human mitochondrial DNA control region: a synthesis of observations from more than 5000 global population samples
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Cranioplasty with customized titanium and PEEK implants in a mechanical stress model
B Lethaus, Y Safi, M ter Laak-Poort, A Kloss-Brandstätter, F Banki, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 29 (6), 1077-1083, 2012
Rapid screening of mtDNA coding region SNPs for the identification of west European Caucasian haplogroups
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Mitochondrial DNA control region sequences from Nairobi (Kenya): inferring phylogenetic parameters for the establishment of a forensic database
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mtDNA-Server: next-generation sequencing data analysis of human mitochondrial DNA in the cloud
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Characterization of Mycobacterium caprae Isolates from Europe by Mycobacterial Interspersed Repetitive Unit Genotyping
WM Prodinger, A Brandstätter, L Naumann, M Pacciarini, T Kubica, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 43 (10), 4984-4992, 2005
Thymectomy in early childhood: Significant alterations of the CD4+ CD45RA+ CD62L+ T cell compartment in later life
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Sex-Specific Association of the Putative Fructose Transporter SLC2A9 Variants With Uric Acid Levels Is Modified by BMI
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The EDNAP mitochondrial DNA population database (EMPOP) collaborative exercises: organisation, results and perspectives
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Genome-wide association analysis of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the population-based KORA study sheds new light on intergenic regions
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Generating population data for the EMPOP database—an overview of the mtDNA sequencing and data evaluation processes considering 273 Austrian control region sequences as example
A Brandstätter, H Niederstätter, M Pavlic, P Grubwieser, W Parson
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Fifteen-year follow-up of association between telomere length and incident cancer and cancer mortality
P Willeit, J Willeit, A Kloss-Brandstätter, F Kronenberg, S Kiechl
Jama 306 (1), 42-44, 2011
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