Min Xiao
Min Xiao
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Parity-time symmetry and variable optical isolation in active-passive-coupled microresonators
L Chang, X Jiang, S Hua, C Yang, J Wen, L Jiang, G Li, G Wang, M Xiao
Nature Photonics 8 (7), 524-529, 2014
11.4% Efficiency non-fullerene polymer solar cells with trialkylsilyl substituted 2D-conjugated polymer as donor
H Bin, L Gao, ZG Zhang, Y Yang, Y Zhang, C Zhang, S Chen, L Xue, ...
Nature communications 7, 13651, 2016
Measurement of dispersive properties of electromagnetically induced transparency in rubidium atoms
M Xiao, Y Li, S Jin, J Gea-Banacloche
Physical Review Letters 74 (5), 666, 1995
Electromagnetically induced transparency in ladder-type inhomogeneously broadened media: Theory and experiment
J Gea-Banacloche, Y Li, S Jin, M Xiao
Physical Review A 51 (1), 576, 1995
Precision measurement beyond the shot-noise limit
M Xiao, LA Wu, HJ Kimble
Physical review letters 59 (3), 278, 1987
Surface-related emission in highly luminescent CdSe quantum dots
X Wang, L Qu, J Zhang, X Peng, M Xiao
Nano Letters 3 (8), 1103-1106, 2003
Monolithic all-perovskite tandem solar cells with 24.8% efficiency exploiting comproportionation to suppress Sn (II) oxidation in precursor ink
R Lin, K Xiao, Z Qin, Q Han, C Zhang, M Wei, MI Saidaminov, Y Gao, J Xu, ...
Nature Energy 4 (10), 864-873, 2019
Enhanced Kerr nonlinearity via atomic coherence in a three-level atomic system
H Wang, D Goorskey, M Xiao
Physical review letters 87 (7), 073601, 2001
Two-photon-pumped perovskite semiconductor nanocrystal lasers
Y Xu, Q Chen, C Zhang, R Wang, H Wu, X Zhang, G Xing, WW Yu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (11), 3761-3768, 2016
Resonance fluorescence from a coherently driven semiconductor quantum dot in a cavity
A Muller, EB Flagg, P Bianucci, XY Wang, DG Deppe, W Ma, J Zhang, ...
Physical Review Letters 99 (18), 187402, 2007
Squeezed states of light from an optical parametric oscillator
LA Wu, M Xiao, HJ Kimble
JOSA B 4 (10), 1465-1475, 1987
Resonantly driven coherent oscillations in a solid-state quantum emitter
EB Flagg, A Muller, JW Robertson, S Founta, DG Deppe, M Xiao, W Ma, ...
Nature Physics 5 (3), 203-207, 2009
An In Situ Simultaneous Reduction‐Hydrolysis Technique for Fabrication of TiO2‐Graphene 2D Sandwich‐Like Hybrid Nanosheets: Graphene‐Promoted Selectivity of Photocatalytic …
W Tu, Y Zhou, Q Liu, S Yan, S Bao, X Wang, M Xiao, Z Zou
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (14), 1743-1749, 2013
The Talbot effect: recent advances in classical optics, nonlinear optics, and quantum optics
J Wen, Y Zhang, M Xiao
Advances in Optics and Photonics 5 (1), 83-130, 2013
Photoactivated CdSe nanocrystals as nanosensors for gases
AY Nazzal, L Qu, X Peng, M Xiao
Nano letters 3 (6), 819-822, 2003
Opening four-wave mixing and six-wave mixing channels via dual electromagnetically induced transparency windows
Y Zhang, AW Brown, M Xiao
Physical review letters 99 (12), 123603, 2007
Core–shell amorphous cobalt phosphide/cadmium sulfide semiconductor nanorods for exceptional photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light
Z Sun, B Lv, J Li, M Xiao, X Wang, P Du
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016
Enhancement of nondegenerate four-wave mixing based on electromagnetically induced transparency in rubidium atoms
Y Li, M Xiao
Optics letters 21 (14), 1064-1066, 1996
Cathode engineering with perylene-diimide interlayer enabling over 17% efficiency single-junction organic solar cells
J Yao, B Qiu, ZG Zhang, L Xue, R Wang, C Zhang, S Chen, Q Zhou, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-10, 2020
Electromagnetically induced grating: Homogeneously broadened medium
HY Ling, YQ Li, M Xiao
Physical Review A 57 (2), 1338, 1998
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