Attila Mocsai
Attila Mocsai
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The SYK tyrosine kinase: a crucial player in diverse biological functions
A Mócsai, J Ruland, VLJ Tybulewicz
Nature Reviews Immunology 10 (6), 387, 2010
Syk kinase signalling couples to the Nlrp3 inflammasome for anti-fungal host defence
O Gross, H Poeck, M Bscheider, C Dostert, N Hannesschläger, S Endres, ...
Nature 459 (7245), 433, 2009
Diverse novel functions of neutrophils in immunity, inflammation, and beyond
A Mócsai
Journal of Experimental Medicine 210 (7), 1283-1299, 2013
Reprint of Neutrophil cell surface receptors and their intracellular signal transduction pathways
K Futosi, S Fodor, A Mócsai
International immunopharmacology 17 (4), 1185-1197, 2013
Regulation of blood and lymphatic vascular separation by signaling proteins SLP-76 and Syk
F Abtahian, A Guerriero, E Sebzda, MM Lu, R Zhou, A Mocsai, EE Myers, ...
Science 299 (5604), 247-251, 2003
The immunomodulatory adapter proteins DAP12 and Fc receptor γ-chain (FcRγ) regulate development of functional osteoclasts through the Syk tyrosine kinase
A Mócsai, MB Humphrey, JAG Van Ziffle, Y Hu, A Burghardt, SC Spusta, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (16), 6158-6163, 2004
Coordinate interactions of Csk, Src, and Syk kinases with αIIbβ3 initiate integrin signaling to the cytoskeleton
A Obergfell, K Eto, A Mocsai, C Buensuceso, SL Moores, JS Brugge, ...
The Journal of cell biology 157 (2), 265-275, 2002
Syk is required for integrin signaling in neutrophils
A Mócsai, M Zhou, F Meng, VL Tybulewicz, CA Lowell
Immunity 16 (4), 547-558, 2002
Integrin signaling in neutrophils and macrophages uses adaptors containing immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs
A Mócsai, CL Abram, Z Jakus, Y Hu, LL Lanier, CA Lowell
Nature immunology 7 (12), 1326, 2006
Kinase pathways in chemoattractant-induced degranulation of neutrophils: the role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activated by Src family kinases
A Mócsai, Z Jakus, T Vántus, G Berton, CA Lowell, E Ligeti
The Journal of Immunology 164 (8), 4321-4331, 2000
Evidence that IgE molecules mediate a spectrum of effects on mast cell survival and activation via aggregation of the FcεRI
J Kitaura, J Song, M Tsai, K Asai, M Maeda-Yamamoto, A Mocsai, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (22), 12911-12916, 2003
Adjuvanticity of a synthetic cord factor analogue for subunit Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccination requires FcRγ–Syk–Card9–dependent innate immune activation
K Werninghaus, A Babiak, O Groß, C Hölscher, H Dietrich, EM Agger, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 206 (1), 89-97, 2009
Adhesion-dependent degranulation of neutrophils requires the Src family kinases Fgr and Hck
A Mócsai, E Ligeti, CA Lowell, G Berton
The Journal of Immunology 162 (2), 1120-1126, 1999
Src and Syk kinases: key regulators of phagocytic cell activation
G Berton, A Mócsai, CA Lowell
Trends in immunology 26 (4), 208-214, 2005
The role of neutrophils in autoimmune diseases
T Németh, A Mócsai
Immunology letters 143 (1), 9-19, 2012
Neutrophil granulocytes recruited upon translocation of intestinal bacteria enhance graft-versus-host disease via tissue damage
L Schwab, L Goroncy, S Palaniyandi, S Gautam, A Triantafyllopoulou, ...
Nature medicine 20 (6), 648, 2014
PI3Kβ plays a critical role in neutrophil activation by immune complexes
S Kulkarni, C Sitaru, Z Jakus, KE Anderson, G Damoulakis, K Davidson, ...
Sci. Signal. 4 (168), ra23-ra23, 2011
Neutrophil activation via β2 integrins (CD11/CD18): molecular mechanisms and clinical implications
J Schymeinsky, A Mócsai, B Walzog
Thrombosis and haemostasis 98 (02), 262-273, 2007
G-protein–coupled receptor signaling in Syk-deficient neutrophils and mast cells
A Mócsai, H Zhang, Z Jakus, J Kitaura, T Kawakami, CA Lowell
Blood 101 (10), 4155-4163, 2003
Immunoreceptor-like signaling by β 2 and β 3 integrins
Z Jakus, S Fodor, CL Abram, CA Lowell, A Mócsai
Trends in cell biology 17 (10), 493-501, 2007
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