Benjamin G. Keselowsky
Benjamin G. Keselowsky
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Surface chemistry modulates fibronectin conformation and directs integrin binding and specificity to control cell adhesion
BG Keselowsky, DM Collard, AJ García
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2003
Integrin binding specificity regulates biomaterial surface chemistry effects on cell differentiation
BG Keselowsky, DM Collard, AJ García
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (17), 5953-5957, 2005
Surface chemistry modulates focal adhesion composition and signaling through changes in integrin binding
BG Keselowsky, DM Collard, AJ Garcı́a
Biomaterials 25 (28), 5947-5954, 2004
Adsorption-induced conformational changes in fibronectin due to interactions with well-defined surface chemistries
KE Michael, VN Vernekar, BG Keselowsky, JC Meredith, RA Latour, ...
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Myoblast proliferation and differentiation on fibronectin-coated self assembled monolayers presenting different surface chemistries
MA Lan, CA Gersbach, KE Michael, BG Keselowsky, AJ García
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The control of cell adhesion and viability by zinc oxide nanorods
J Lee, BS Kang, B Hicks, TF Chancellor Jr, BH Chu, HT Wang, ...
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Combinatorial characterization of cell interactions with polymer surfaces
JC Meredith, JL Sormana, BG Keselowsky, AJ García, A Tona, A Karim, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2003
Integrin-directed modulation of macrophage responses to biomaterials
TD Zaveri, JS Lewis, NV Dolgova, MJ Clare-Salzler, BG Keselowsky
Biomaterials 35 (11), 3504-3515, 2014
Integrin α5 controls osteoblastic proliferation and differentiation responses to titanium substrates presenting different roughness characteristics in a roughness …
BG Keselowsky, L Wang, Z Schwartz, AJ Garcia, BD Boyan
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 80 (3), 700-710, 2007
Contributions of surface topography and cytotoxicity to the macrophage response to zinc oxide nanorods
TD Zaveri, NV Dolgova, BH Chu, J Lee, J Wong, TP Lele, F Ren, ...
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Liquid-like solids support cells in 3D
T Bhattacharjee, CJ Gil, SL Marshall, JM Urueña, CS O’Bryan, M Carstens, ...
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2 (10), 1787-1795, 2016
Role of plasma fibronectin in the foreign body response to biomaterials
BG Keselowsky, AW Bridges, KL Burns, CC Tate, JE Babensee, ...
Biomaterials 28 (25), 3626-3631, 2007
Specific β1 integrins mediate adhesion, migration, and differentiation of neural progenitors derived from the embryonic striatum
MC Tate, AJ Garcı́a, BG Keselowsky, MA Schumm, DR Archer, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 27 (1), 22-31, 2004
VEGF neutralization can prevent and normalize arteriovenous malformations in an animal model for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia 2
C Han, S Choe, YH Kim, AP Acharya, BG Keselowsky, BS Sorg, YJ Lee, ...
Angiogenesis 17, 823-830, 2014
Synthesis and characterization of Mg‐Ca‐Sr alloys for biodegradable orthopedic implant applications
IS Berglund, HS Brar, N Dolgova, AP Acharya, BG Keselowsky, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 100 (6 …, 2012
Engineering immunomodulatory biomaterials for type 1 diabetes
CL Stabler, Y Li, JM Stewart, BG Keselowsky
Nature Reviews Materials 4 (6), 429-450, 2019
A combination dual-sized microparticle system modulates dendritic cells and prevents type 1 diabetes in prediabetic NOD mice
JS Lewis, NV Dolgova, Y Zhang, CQ Xia, CH Wasserfall, MA Atkinson, ...
Clinical Immunology 160 (1), 90-102, 2015
Microparticle surface modifications targeting dendritic cells for non-activating applications
JS Lewis, TD Zaveri, CP Crooks II, BG Keselowsky
Biomaterials 33 (29), 7221-7232, 2012
Quantitative methods for analysis of integrin binding and focal adhesion formation on biomaterial surfaces
BG Keselowsky, AJ Garcı́a
Biomaterials 26 (4), 413-418, 2005
A combination hydrogel microparticle-based vaccine prevents type 1 diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice
YM Yoon, JS Lewis, MR Carstens, M Campbell-Thompson, CH Wasserfall, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 13155, 2015
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