Supriyo Naskar
What do we know about DNA mechanics so far?
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Tuning the Stability of DNA Nanotubes with Salt
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Mechanical properties of DNA and DNA nanostructures: comparison of atomistic, Martini and oxDNA models
S Naskar, PK Maiti
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Atomic structures of RNA nanotubes and their comparison with DNA nanotubes
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Mechanistic insights into the effects of key mutations on SARS-CoV-2 RBD–ACE2 binding
A Aggarwal, S Naskar, N Maroli, B Gorai, NM Dixit, PK Maiti
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Dynein catch bond as a mediator of codependent bidirectional cellular transport
P Puri, N Gupta, S Chandel, S Naskar, A Nair, A Chaudhuri, MK Mitra, ...
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Liquid crystal ordering of nucleic acids
S Naskar, S Saurabh, YH Jang, Y Lansac, PK Maiti
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Designer DNA hydrogels stimulate 3D cell invasion by enhanced receptor expression and membrane endocytosis
S Walia, V Morya, A Gangrade, S Naskar, A Guduru Teja, S Dalvi, ...
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Microscopic insight into the shaping of MOFs and its impact on CO 2 capture performance
S Naskar, D Fan, A Ghoufi, G Maurin
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Nanoscale Structure and Mechanics of Peptide Nucleic Acids
KB Chhetri, A Sharma, S Naskar, PK Maiti
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Graphene oxide as a dual template for induced helicity of peptides
S Pandit, N Maroli, S Naskar, B Khatri, PK Maiti, M De
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Ultra-high permeable phenine nanotube membranes for water desalination
S Naskar, AK Sahoo, M Moid, PK Maiti
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Probing the microscopic structure and flexibility of oxidized DNA by molecular simulations
KB Chhetri, S Naskar, PK Maiti
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Mechanistic insight into the structure, thermodynamics and dynamics of equilibrium gels of multi-armed DNA nanostars
S Naskar, D Bhatia, ST Lin, PK Maiti
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (11), 7847-7858, 2023
Multiscale approaches to model the functions of Ubiquitin and SUMO modifications in protein phase separation
S Naskar, K Kremer, O Kukharenko
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2024
Engineering of an Isoreticular Series of CALF-20 Metal–Organic Frameworks for CO2 Capture
K Gopalsamy, D Fan, S Naskar, Y Magnin, G Maurin
ACS Applied Engineering Materials 2 (1), 96-103, 2024
Unconventional mechanical and thermal behaviors of MOF CALF-20
D Fan, S Naskar, G Maurin
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Molecular rectifiers with very high rectification ratio enabled by oxidative damage in double-stranded DNA
A Aggarwal, S Naskar, PK Maiti
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Mechanical Properties Of Peptide Nucleic Acids
K Chhetri, A Sharama, S Naskar, P Maiti
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Multiscale Simulation of Nucleic Acid Nanostructures
S Naskar
Indian Institute of Science, 2021
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