Anna M. Hiszpanski
Anna M. Hiszpanski
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Using self-organization to control morphology in molecular photovoltaics
SJ Kang, S Ahn, JB Kim, C Schenck, AM Hiszpanski, S Oh, T Schiros, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (6), 2207-2212, 2013
Tuning polymorphism and orientation in organic semiconductor thin films via post-deposition processing
AM Hiszpanski, RM Baur, B Kim, NJ Tremblay, C Nuckolls, AR Woll, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (44), 15749-15756, 2014
Reliable and explainable machine-learning methods for accelerated material discovery
B Kailkhura, B Gallagher, S Kim, A Hiszpanski, T Han
npj Computational Materials 5 (1), 1-9, 2019
Directing the film structure of organic semiconductors via post-deposition processing for transistor and solar cell applications
AM Hiszpanski, YL Loo
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (2), 592-608, 2014
Data-driven materials research enabled by natural language processing and information extraction
EA Olivetti, JM Cole, E Kim, O Kononova, G Ceder, TYJ Han, ...
Applied Physics Reviews 7 (4), 041317, 2020
Halogenation of a nonplanar molecular semiconductor to tune energy levels and bandgaps for electron transport
AM Hiszpanski, JD Saathoff, L Shaw, H Wang, L Kraya, F Lüttich, ...
Chemistry of materials 27 (5), 1892-1900, 2015
Post-deposition processing methods to induce preferential orientation in contorted hexabenzocoronene thin films
AM Hiszpanski, SS Lee, H Wang, AR Woll, C Nuckolls, YL Loo
ACS nano 7 (1), 294-300, 2013
Unusual molecular conformations in fluorinated, contorted hexabenzocoronenes
YL Loo, AM Hiszpanski, B Kim, S Wei, CY Chiu, ML Steigerwald, ...
Organic letters 12 (21), 4840-4843, 2010
Metal nanocluster light-emitting devices with suppressed parasitic emission and improved efficiency: exploring the impact of photophysical properties
TW Koh, AM Hiszpanski, M Sezen, A Naim, T Galfsky, A Trivedi, YL Loo, ...
Nanoscale 7 (20), 9140-9146, 2015
The Diffraction Pattern Calculator (DPC) toolkit: a user-friendly approach to unit-cell lattice parameter identification of two-dimensional grazing-incidence wide-angle X-ray …
AK Hailey, AM Hiszpanski, DM Smilgies, YL Loo
Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (6), 2090-2099, 2014
Nanomaterial synthesis insights from machine learning of scientific articles by extracting, structuring, and visualizing knowledge
AM Hiszpanski, B Gallagher, K Chellappan, P Li, S Liu, H Kim, J Han, ...
Journal of chemical information and modeling 60 (6), 2876-2887, 2020
Isoindigo-containing molecular semiconductors: effect of backbone extension on molecular organization and organic solar cell performance
Y Ren, AK Hailey, AM Hiszpanski, YL Loo
Chemistry of Materials 26 (22), 6570-6577, 2014
Structure–property relationship study of substitution effects on isoindigo-based model compounds as electron donors in organic solar cells
Y Ren, AM Hiszpanski, L Whittaker-Brooks, YL Loo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (16), 14533-14542, 2014
Predicting compressive strength of consolidated molecular solids using computer vision and deep learning
B Gallagher, M Rever, D Loveland, TN Mundhenk, B Beauchamp, ...
Materials & Design 190, 108541, 2020
Design Rules for Tailoring Antireflection Properties of Hierarchical Optical Structures
JJ Diaz Leon, AM Hiszpanski, TC Bond, JD Kuntz
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (13), 1700080, 2017
Altering the Polymorphic Accessibility of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Fluorination
AM Hiszpanski, AR Woll, B Kim, C Nuckolls, YL Loo
Chemistry of Materials 29 (10), 4311-4316, 2017
Tuning kinetic competitions to traverse the rich structural space of organic semiconductor thin films
AM Hiszpanski, PP Khlyabich, YL Loo
MRS Communications 5 (3), 407-421, 2015
Data mining for parameters affecting polymorph selection in contorted hexabenzocoronene derivatives
AM Hiszpanski, CJ Dsilva, IG Kevrekidis, YL Loo
Chemistry of Materials 30 (10), 3330-3337, 2018
Self-Assembly of Axially Functionalized Subphthalocyanines in Thin Films
Y Ren, AM Hiszpanski, YL Loo
Chemistry of Materials 27 (11), 4008-4014, 2015
Degradation of ultra-thin boron films in air
LB Bayu Aji, AA Baker, JH Bae, AM Hiszpanski, E Stravou, SK McCall, ...
Applied Surface Science 448, 498-501, 2018
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