Ivana Tomaz
Ivana Tomaz
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb Department of Viticulture and Enology
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Simultaneous determination of phenolic compounds in different matrices using phenyl-hexyl stationary phase
I Tomaz, L Maslov
Food Analytical Methods 9 (2), 401-410, 2016
Recovery of flavonoids from grape skins by enzyme-assisted extraction
I Tomaz, L Maslov, D Stupić, D Preiner, D Ašperger, JK Kontić
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Multi‐response optimisation of ultrasound‐assisted extraction for recovery of flavonoids from red grape skins using response surface methodology
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Volatile profile characterization of Croatian commercial sparkling wines
AM Jagatić Korenika, D Preiner, I Tomaz, A Jeromel
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Grapevine as a rich source of polyphenolic compounds
I Šikuten, P Štambuk, Ž Andabaka, I Tomaz, Z Marković, D Stupić, ...
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Solid-liquid extraction of phenolics from red grape skins
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M Mihaljević Žulj, L Maslov, I Tomaz, A Jeromel
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Polyphenolic composition of the berry skin of six fungus-resistant red grapevine varieties
JK Kontić, IR Jelušić, I Tomaz, D Preiner, Z Marković, D Stupić, ...
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Performance of grapevine grown on reclaimed Mediterranean karst land: Appearance and duration of high temperature events and effects of irrigation
D Romić, JK Kontić, D Preiner, M Romić, B Lazarević, E Maletić, ...
Agricultural Water Management 236, 106166, 2020
An influence of different yeast species on wine aroma composition
A Jeromel, AMJ Korenika, I Tomaz
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Effect of freezing and different thawing methods on the content of polyphenolic compounds of red grape skins
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Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 42 (3), e13550, 2018
Influence of different yeast strains on metabolism of tryptophan and indole-3-acetic acid during fermentation
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AM Jagatić Korenika, I Tomaz, D Preiner, V Plichta, A Jeromel
Fermentation 7 (2), 92, 2021
Screening of Croatian Native Grapevine Varieties for Susceptibility to Plasmopara viticola Using Leaf Disc Bioassay, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, and Multispectral …
P Štambuk, I Šikuten, D Preiner, A Nimac, B Lazarević, Z Marković, ...
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Stability of polyphenolic extracts from red grape skins after thermal treatments
I Tomaz, I Šikuten, D Preiner, Ž Andabaka, N Huzanić, M Lesković, ...
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I Tomaz, P Štambuk, Ž Andabaka, D Preiner, D Stupic, E Maletic, ...
Grapes Polyphenolic Composition, Antioxidant Characteristics and Health …, 2017
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