Andreas Adelmann
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Opportunities in machine learning for particle accelerators
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Compact storage ring to search for the muon electric dipole moment
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A Adelmann
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OPAL a versatile tool for charged particle accelerator simulations
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H5hut: A high-performance I/O library for particle-based simulations
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Whitepaper on the DAEdALUS program
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The object oriented parallel accelerator library (OPAL), design, implementation and application
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Search for a muon EDM using the frozen-spin technique
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IsoDAR@ KamLAND: a conceptual design report for the technical facility
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Progress on H5Part: a portable high performance parallel data interface for electromagnetics simulations
A Adelmann, A Gsell, B Oswald, T Schietinger, W Bethel, JM Shalf, ...
2007 IEEE Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC), 3396-3398, 2007
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