Chng Kern Rei
Chng Kern Rei
Genome institute of Singapore
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Whole metagenome profiling reveals skin microbiome-dependent susceptibility to atopic dermatitis flare
KR Chng, ASL Tay, C Li, AHQ Ng, J Wang, BK Suri, SA Matta, ...
Nature microbiology 1 (9), 1-10, 2016
Hybrid metagenomic assembly enables high-resolution analysis of resistance determinants and mobile elements in human microbiomes
D Bertrand, J Shaw, M Kalathiyappan, AHQ Ng, MS Kumar, C Li, ...
Nature biotechnology 37 (8), 937-944, 2019
A global metagenomic map of urban microbiomes and antimicrobial resistance
D Danko, D Bezdan, EE Afshin, S Ahsanuddin, C Bhattacharya, DJ Butler, ...
Cell 184 (13), 3376-3393. e17, 2021
Integration of regulatory networks by NKX3-1 promotes androgen-dependent prostate cancer survival
PY Tan, CW Chang, KR Chng, KDSA Wansa, WK Sung, E Cheung
Molecular and cellular biology 32 (2), 399-414, 2012
Genomic characterization of three unique Dehalococcoides that respire on persistent polychlorinated biphenyls
S Wang, KR Chng, A Wilm, S Zhao, KL Yang, N Nagarajan, J He
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (33), 12103-12108, 2014
A transcriptional repressor co‐regulatory network governing androgen response in prostate cancers
KR Chng, CW Chang, SK Tan, C Yang, SZ Hong, NYW Sng, E Cheung
The EMBO journal 31 (12), 2810-2823, 2012
AP‐2γ regulates oestrogen receptor‐mediated long‐range chromatin interaction and gene transcription
SK Tan, ZH Lin, CW Chang, V Varang, KR Chng, YF Pan, EL Yong, ...
The EMBO journal 30 (13), 2569-2581, 2011
Cartography of opportunistic pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes in a tertiary hospital environment
KR Chng, C Li, D Bertrand, AHQ Ng, JS Kwah, HM Low, C Tong, ...
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INC-Seq: accurate single molecule reads using nanopore sequencing
C Li, KR Chng, EJH Boey, AHQ Ng, A Wilm, N Nagarajan
Gigascience 5 (1), s13742-016-0140-7, 2016
Patient-specific driver gene prediction and risk assessment through integrated network analysis of cancer omics profiles
D Bertrand, KR Chng, FG Sherbaf, A Kiesel, BKH Chia, YY Sia, SK Huang, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (7), e44-e44, 2015
Metagenome-wide association analysis identifies microbial determinants of post-antibiotic ecological recovery in the gut
KR Chng, TS Ghosh, YH Tan, T Nandi, IR Lee, AHQ Ng, C Li, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 4 (9), 1256-1267, 2020
Metagenomics-enabled microbial surveillance
KKK Ko, KR Chng, N Nagarajan
Nature Microbiology 7 (4), 486-496, 2022
Tissue microbiome profiling identifies an enrichment of specific enteric bacteria in Opisthorchis viverrini associated cholangiocarcinoma
KR Chng, SH Chan, AHQ Ng, C Li, A Jusakul, D Bertrand, A Wilm, ...
EBioMedicine 8, 195-202, 2016
The liver–gut microbiota axis modulates hepatotoxicity of tacrine in the rat
LY Yip, CC Aw, SH Lee, YS Hong, HC Ku, WH Xu, JMX Chan, ...
Hepatology 67 (1), 282-295, 2018
Predicting microbial interactions through computational approaches
C Li, KMK Lim, KR Chng, N Nagarajan
Methods 102, 12-19, 2016
An AR-ERG transcriptional signature defined by long-range chromatin interactomes in prostate cancer cells
Z Zhang, KR Chng, S Lingadahalli, Z Chen, MH Liu, HH Do, S Cai, ...
Genome research 29 (2), 223-235, 2019
Atopic dermatitis microbiomes stratify into ecologic dermotypes enabling microbial virulence and disease severity
ASL Tay, C Li, T Nandi, KR Chng, AK Andiappan, VS Mettu, C de Cevins, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 147 (4), 1329-1340, 2021
An expectation-maximization algorithm enables accurate ecological modeling using longitudinal microbiome sequencing data
C Li, KR Chng, JS Kwah, TV Av-Shalom, L Tucker-Kellogg, N Nagarajan
Microbiome 7, 1-14, 2019
@ MInter: automated text-mining of microbial interactions
KMK Lim, C Li, KR Chng, N Nagarajan
Bioinformatics 32 (19), 2981-2987, 2016
Genomic Characterization of Dehalococcoides mccartyi Strain JNA That Reductively Dechlorinates Tetrachloroethene and Polychlorinated Biphenyls
S Wang, KR Chng, C Chen, DL Bedard, J He
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (24), 14319-14325, 2015
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