Anjan Biswas
Anjan Biswas
Endowed Chair of Mathematics; Grambling State University, USA.
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Modified simple equation method for nonlinear evolution equations
AJM Jawad, MD Petković, A Biswas
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Introduction to non-Kerr law optical solitons
A Biswas, S Konar
Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2006
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A Biswas, D Milovic
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A Biswas
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A Biswas
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A Biswas, H Triki, Q Zhou, SP Moshokoa, MZ Ullah, M Belic
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Optical soliton cooling with polynomial law of nonlinear refractive index
A Biswas
Journal of Optics 49 (4), 580-583, 2020
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M Mirzazadeh, Y Yıldırım, E Yaşar, H Triki, Q Zhou, SP Moshokoa, ...
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H Triki, A Biswas
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 34 (8), 958-962, 2011
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