Prof. Anne Géraldine Guex, PhD
Prof. Anne Géraldine Guex, PhD
University Center for Dental Medicine Basel UZB, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland
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Highly porous scaffolds of PEDOT: PSS for bone tissue engineering
AG Guex, JL Puetzer, A Armgarth, E Littmann, E Stavrinidou, EP Giannelis, ...
Acta biomaterialia 62, 91-101, 2017
Auxetic cardiac patches with tunable mechanical and conductive properties toward treating myocardial infarction
M Kapnisi, C Mansfield, C Marijon, AG Guex, F Perbellini, I Bardi, ...
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Micro-and nanomechanical analysis of articular cartilage by indentation-type atomic force microscopy: validation with a gel-microfiber composite
M Loparic, D Wirz, AU Daniels, R Raiteri, MR VanLandingham, G Guex, ...
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Engineering anisotropic muscle tissue using acoustic cell patterning
JPK Armstrong, JL Puetzer, A Serio, AG Guex, M Kapnisi, A Breant, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (43), 1802649, 2018
Fine-tuning of substrate architecture and surface chemistry promotes muscle tissue development
AG Guex, FM Kocher, G Fortunato, E Körner, D Hegemann, TP Carrel, ...
Acta biomaterialia 8 (4), 1481-1489, 2012
Covalent immobilisation of VEGF on plasma-coated electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
AG Guex, D Hegemann, MN Giraud, HT Tevaearai, AM Popa, RM Rossi, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 123, 724-733, 2014
Molecular weight driven structure formation of PEG based e-spun polymer blend fibres
G Fortunato, AG Guex, AM Popa, RM Rossi, R Hufenus
Polymer 55 (14), 3139-3148, 2014
A compliant and biomimetic three-layered vascular graft for small blood vessels
Y Zhang, XS Li, AG Guex, SS Liu, E Müller, RI Malini, HJ Zhao, M Rottmar, ...
Biofabrication 9 (2), 025010, 2017
Plasma-functionalized electrospun matrix for biograft development and cardiac function stabilization
AG Guex, A Frobert, J Valentin, G Fortunato, D Hegemann, S Cook, ...
Acta biomaterialia 10 (7), 2996-3006, 2014
Silver nanoparticle engineering via oligovaline organogels
A Mantion, AG Guex, A Foelske, L Mirolo, KM Fromm, M Painsi, A Taubert
Soft Matter 4 (3), 606-617, 2008
The waves that make the pattern: a review on acoustic manipulation in biomedical research
AG Guex, N Di Marzio, D Eglin, M Alini, T Serra
Materials Today Bio 10, 100110, 2021
Antibacterial, cytocompatible, sustainably sourced: cellulose membranes with bifunctional peptides for advanced wound dressings
R Weishaupt, JN Zünd, L Heuberger, F Zuber, G Faccio, F Robotti, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 9 (7), 1901850, 2020
Multifunctional biomaterials: combining material modification strategies for engineering of cell-contacting surfaces
AS Mertgen, VT Trossmann, AG Guex, K Maniura-Weber, T Scheibel, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (19), 21342-21367, 2020
Considering the degradation effects of amino-functional plasma polymer coatings for biomedical application
D Hegemann, B Hanselmann, S Guimond, G Fortunato, MN Giraud, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 255, 90-95, 2014
Anisotropically oriented electrospun matrices with an imprinted periodic micropattern: a new scaffold for engineered muscle constructs
AG Guex, DL Birrer, G Fortunato, HT Tevaearai, MN Giraud
Biomedical materials 8 (2), 021001, 2013
Enzyme prodrug therapy engineered into electrospun fibers with embedded liposomes for controlled, localized synthesis of therapeutics
R Chandrawati, MTJ Olesen, TCC Marini, G Bisra, AG Guex, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 6 (17), 1700385, 2017
Electrospraying of microfluidic encapsulated cells for the fabrication of cell-laden electrospun hybrid tissue constructs
L Weidenbacher, A Abrishamkar, M Rottmar, AG Guex, K Maniura-Weber, ...
Acta biomaterialia 64, 137-147, 2017
Pericyte seeded dual peptide scaffold with improved endothelialization for vascular graft tissue engineering
P Campagnolo, AJ Gormley, LW Chow, AG Guex, PA Parmar, JL Puetzer, ...
Advanced healthcare materials 5 (23), 3046-3055, 2016
Cell therapies for heart function recovery: focus on myocardial tissue engineering and nanotechnologies
MN Giraud, AG Guex, HT Tevaearai
Cardiology research and practice 2012, 2012
Electrospun colourimetric sensors for detecting volatile amines
S Ulrich, SO Moura, Y Diaz, M Clerc, AG Guex, JR de Alaniz, A Martins, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 322, 128570, 2020
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