Pedro D Sacramento
Pedro D Sacramento
Professor of Physics
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Multichannel Kondo problem and some applications
P Schlottmann, PD Sacramento
Advances in Physics 42, 641-682, 1993
Electronic structure of the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor TTF-TCNQ
M Sing, U Schwingenschlögl, R Claessen, P Blaha, JMP Carmelo, ...
Physical Review B 68 (12), 125111, 2003
Low-temperature properties of a two-level system interacting with conduction electrons: An application of the overcompensated multichannel Kondo model
PD Sacramento, P Schlottmann
Physical Review B 43 (16), 13294, 1991
The quadrupolar Kondo effect: lattice instability and large γ-values
PD Sacramento, P Schlottmann
Physics Letters A 142 (4-5), 245-250, 1989
Fidelity between partial states as a signature of quantum phase transitions
N Paunković, PD Sacramento, P Nogueira, VR Vieira, VK Dugaev
Physical Review A 77 (5), 052302, 2008
Fate of Majorana fermions and Chern numbers after a quantum quench
PD Sacramento
Physical Review E 90 (3), 032138, 2014
Thermodynamics of the single-channel Kondo impurity of spin S (≤(7/2) in a magnetic field
PD Sacramento, P Schlottmann
Physical Review B 40 (1), 431, 1989
Quantum waveguide theory of Andreev spectroscopy in multiband superconductors: The case of iron pnictides
MAN Araújo, PD Sacramento
Physical Review B 79 (17), 174529, 2009
Current-induced motion of a domain wall in a magnetic nanowire
VK Dugaev, VR Vieira, PD Sacramento, J Barnaś, MAN Araújo, ...
Physical Review B 74 (5), 054403, 2006
One-electron singular branch lines of the Hubbard chain
JMP Carmelo, K Penc, LM Martelo, PD Sacramento, JMBL Dos Santos, ...
Europhysics Letters 67 (2), 233, 2004
Lateral interactions in catalyst poisoning
JB Collins, P Sacramento, PA Rikvold, JD Gunton
Surface science 221 (1-2), 277-298, 1989
Finite-frequency optical absorption in 1D conductors and Mott-Hubbard insulators
JMP Carmelo, NMR Peres, PD Sacramento
Physical Review Letters 84 (20), 4673, 2000
Charge dynamics in half-filled Hubbard chains with finite on-site interaction
RG Pereira, K Penc, SR White, PD Sacramento, JMP Carmelo
Physical Review B 85 (16), 165132, 2012
Finite-temperature transport in finite-size Hubbard rings in the strong-coupling limit
NMR Peres, RG Dias, PD Sacramento, JMP Carmelo
Physical Review B 61 (8), 5169, 2000
Finite-energy Landau liquid theory for the one-dimensional Hubbard model: Pseudoparticle energy bands and degree of localization/delocalization
JMP Carmelo, PD Sacramento
Physical Review B 68 (8), 085104, 2003
Path integrals of spin-J systems in the holomorphic representation
VR Vieira, PD Sacramento
Nuclear Physics B 448 (1-2), 331-354, 1995
Thermodynamics of the n-channel Kondo model for general n and impurity spin S in a magnetic field
PD Sacramento, P Schlottmann
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3 (48), 9687, 1991
Landau levels and quasiparticle spectrum of extreme type-II superconductors
Z Tes̆anović, PD Sacramento
Physical review letters 80 (7), 1521, 1998
Generalized phase-space representatives of spin-J operators in terms of Bloch coherent states
VR Vieira, PD Sacramento
Annals of Physics 242 (1), 188-231, 1995
Dynamical localization and the effects of aperiodicity in Floquet systems
T Čadež, R Mondaini, PD Sacramento
Physical Review B 96 (14), 144301, 2017
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