Justin H. Wilson
Justin H. Wilson
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
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Critical properties of the measurement-induced transition in random quantum circuits
A Zabalo, MJ Gullans, JH Wilson, S Gopalakrishnan, DA Huse, JH Pixley
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Index theorems for quantum graphs
SA Fulling, P Kuchment, JH Wilson
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Remnant geometric Hall response in a quantum quench
JH Wilson, JCW Song, G Refael
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Vacuum energy and repulsive Casimir forces in quantum star graphs
SA Fulling, L Kaplan, JH Wilson
Physical Review A 76 (1), 012118, 2007
Disorder in twisted bilayer graphene
JH Wilson, Y Fu, SD Sarma, JH Pixley
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Operator scaling dimensions and multifractality at measurement-induced transitions
A Zabalo, MJ Gullans, JH Wilson, R Vasseur, AWW Ludwig, ...
Physical review letters 128 (5), 050602, 2022
Repulsive Casimir force between Weyl semimetals
JH Wilson, AA Allocca, V Galitski
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Breakdown of the coherent state path integral: two simple examples
JH Wilson, V Galitski
Physical Review Letters 106 (11), 110401, 2011
Do the surface Fermi arcs in Weyl semimetals survive disorder?
JH Wilson, JH Pixley, DA Huse, G Refael, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 97 (23), 235108, 2018
Weyl semimetal to metal phase transitions driven by quasiperiodic potentials
JH Pixley, JH Wilson, DA Huse, S Gopalakrishnan
Physical review letters 120 (20), 207604, 2018
The equivalence principle at work in radiation from unaccelerated atoms and mirrors
SA Fulling, JH Wilson
Physica Scripta 94 (1), 014004, 2018
Entanglement and charge-sharpening transitions in U (1) symmetric monitored quantum circuits
U Agrawal, A Zabalo, K Chen, JH Wilson, AC Potter, JH Pixley, ...
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Berry phase manipulation in ultrathin films
L Wu, F Wen, Y Fu, JH Wilson, X Liu, Y Zhang, DM Vasiukov, MS Kareev, ...
Physical Review B 102 (22), 220406, 2020
Moiré superlattice on the surface of a topological insulator
J Cano, S Fang, JH Pixley, JH Wilson
Physical Review B 103 (15), 155157, 2021
Magic-angle semimetals
Y Fu, EJ König, JH Wilson, YZ Chou, JH Pixley
npj Quantum Materials 5 (1), 71, 2020
Entanglement dynamics in a non-Markovian environment: An exactly solvable model
JH Wilson, BM Fregoso, VM Galitski
Physical Review B 85 (17), 174304, 2012
Magic-angle semimetals with chiral symmetry
YZ Chou, Y Fu, JH Wilson, EJ König, JH Pixley
Physical Review B 101 (23), 235121, 2020
Quantum phases of disordered three-dimensional Majorana-Weyl fermions
JH Wilson, JH Pixley, P Goswami, SD Sarma
Physical Review B 95 (15), 155122, 2017
Rare regions and avoided quantum criticality in disordered Weyl semimetals and superconductors
JH Pixley, JH Wilson
Annals of Physics 435, 168455, 2021
Mathematical aspects of vacuum energy on quantum graphs
G Berkolaiko, JM Harrison, JH Wilson
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 42, 025204, 2009
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