Wolfgang Reiter
Wolfgang Reiter
Mass Spectrometry Facility, Max F. Perutz Laboratories
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Early steps in autophagy depend on direct phosphorylation of Atg9 by the Atg1 kinase
D Papinski, M Schuschnig, W Reiter, L Wilhelm, CA Barnes, A Maiolica, ...
Molecular cell 53 (3), 471-483, 2014
A dual role for PP1 in shaping the Msn2‐dependent transcriptional response to glucose starvation
V De Wever, W Reiter, A Ballarini, G Ammerer, C Brocard
The EMBO journal 24 (23), 4115-4123, 2005
Ambient pH signal transduction in Aspergillus: completion of gene characterization
S Negrete‐Urtasun, W Reiter, E Diez, SH Denison, J Tilburn, EA Espeso, ...
Molecular Microbiology 33 (5), 994-1003, 1999
MAPK Hog1 closes the S. cerevisiae glycerol channel Fps1 by phosphorylating and displacing its positive regulators
J Lee, W Reiter, I Dohnal, C Gregori, S Beese-Sims, K Kuchler, ...
Genes & development 27 (23), 2590-2601, 2013
Regulation of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Atf1 protein levels by Sty1-mediated phosphorylation and heterodimerization with Pcr1
CL Lawrence, H Maekawa, JL Worthington, W Reiter, CRM Wilkinson, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (8), 5160-5170, 2007
Nuclear Localization Destabilizes the Stress-regulated Transcription Factor Msn2*♦
E Durchschlag, W Reiter, G Ammerer, C Schuller
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (53), 55425-55432, 2004
Hrr25 kinase promotes selective autophagy by phosphorylating the cargo receptor A tg19
T Pfaffenwimmer, W Reiter, T Brach, V Nogellova, D Papinski, ...
EMBO reports 15 (8), 862-870, 2014
Activation of Atg1 kinase in autophagy by regulated phosphorylation
M Kijanska, I Dohnal, W Reiter, S Kaspar, I Stoffel, G Ammerer, C Kraft, ...
Autophagy 6 (8), 1168-1178, 2010
Light-sensing via hydrogen peroxide and a peroxiredoxin
K Bodvard, K Peeters, F Roger, N Romanov, A Igbaria, N Welkenhuysen, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14791, 2017
Fission yeast MAP kinase Sty1 is recruited to stress-induced genes
W Reiter, S Watt, K Dawson, CL Lawrence, J Bähler, N Jones, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (15), 9945-9956, 2008
CDK and MAPK synergistically regulate signaling dynamics via a shared multi-site phosphorylation region on the scaffold protein Ste5
MV Repetto, MJ Winters, A Bush, W Reiter, DM Hollenstein, G Ammerer, ...
Molecular cell 69 (6), 938-952. e6, 2018
Arsenic Toxicity to Saccharomyces cerevisiae Is a Consequence of Inhibition of the TORC1 Kinase Combined with a Chronic Stress Response
D Hosiner, H Lempiäinen, W Reiter, J Urban, R Loewith, G Ammerer, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 20 (3), 1048-1057, 2009
In search of a universal method: a comparative survey of bottom-up proteomics sample preparation methods
G Varnavides, M Madern, D Anrather, N Hartl, W Reiter, M Hartl
Journal of Proteome Research 21 (10), 2397-2411, 2022
Yeast protein phosphatase 2A-Cdc55 regulates the transcriptional response to hyperosmolarity stress by regulating Msn2 and Msn4 chromatin recruitment
W Reiter, E Klopf, V De Wever, D Anrather, A Petryshyn, A Roetzer, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 33 (5), 1057-1072, 2013
Validation of regulated protein phosphorylation events in yeast by quantitative mass spectrometry analysis of purified proteins
W Reiter, D Anrather, I Dohnal, P Pichler, J Veis, M Grøtli, F Posas, ...
Proteomics 12 (19-20), 3030-3043, 2012
Identifying protein kinase–specific effectors of the osmostress response in yeast
N Romanov, DM Hollenstein, M Janschitz, G Ammerer, D Anrather, ...
Science signaling 10 (469), eaag2435, 2017
Peroxiredoxin promotes longevity and H2O2-resistance in yeast through redox-modulation of protein kinase A
F Roger, C Picazo, W Reiter, M Libiad, C Asami, S Hanzén, C Gao, ...
Elife 9, e60346, 2020
A constitutive active allele of the transcription factor Msn2 mimicking low PKA activity dictates metabolic remodeling in yeast
V Pfanzagl, W Görner, M Radolf, A Parich, R Schuhmacher, J Strauss, ...
Molecular Biology of the Cell 29 (23), 2848-2862, 2018
A toolbox for class I HDACs reveals isoform specific roles in gene regulation and protein acetylation
L Hess, V Moos, AA Lauber, W Reiter, M Schuster, N Hartl, D Lackner, ...
Plos Genetics 18 (8), e1010376, 2022
Mechanical stress impairs pheromone signaling via Pkc1-mediated regulation of the MAPK scaffold Ste5
F van Drogen, R Mishra, F Rudolf, MJ Walczak, SS Lee, W Reiter, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 218 (9), 3117-3133, 2019
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