Kavindra Nath
Kavindra Nath
Research Assistant Professor of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
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Comparative evaluation of fungal, tubercular, and pyogenic brain abscesses with conventional and diffusion MR imaging and proton MR spectroscopy
G Luthra, A Parihar, K Nath, S Jaiswal, KN Prasad, N Husain, M Husain, ...
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Mechanism of antineoplastic activity of lonidamine
K Nath, L Guo, B Nancolas, DS Nelson, AA Shestov, SC Lee, J Roman, ...
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Inhibition of mitochondrial complex II by the anticancer agent lonidamine
L Guo, AA Shestov, AJ Worth, K Nath, DS Nelson, DB Leeper, ...
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Imaging of glutamate neurotransmitter alterations in Alzheimer's disease
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The anti-tumour agent lonidamine is a potent inhibitor of the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier and plasma membrane monocarboxylate transporters
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MICEST: a potential tool for non-invasive detection of molecular changes in Alzheimer's disease
M Haris, A Singh, K Cai, K Nath, R Crescenzi, F Kogan, H Hariharan, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 212 (1), 87-93, 2013
Variance of SUVs for FDG-PET/CT is Greater in Clinical Practice Than Under Ideal Study Settings
V Kumar, K Nath, CG Berman, J Kim, T Tanvetyanon, AA Chiappori, ...
Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 2013
Lactate Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (LATEST) Imaging in vivo: A Biomarker for LDH Activity
C DeBrosse, RPR Nanga, P Bagga, K Nath, M Haris, F Marincola, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 19517, 2016
Lonidamine induces intracellular tumor acidification and ATP depletion in breast, prostate and ovarian cancer xenografts and potentiates response to doxorubicin
K Nath, DS Nelson, DF Heitjan, DB Leeper, R Zhou, JD Glickson
NMR in Biomedicine 28 (3), 281-290, 2015
Drug repurposing for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme
C Abbruzzese, S Matteoni, M Signore, L Cardone, K Nath, JD Glickson, ...
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Neurocysticercosis in patients with active epilepsy from the pig farming community of Lucknow district, north India
KN Prasad, A Prasad, RK Gupta, K Nath, S Pradhan, M Tripathi, ...
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 103 (2 …, 2009
In vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumor Protease Activity
M Haris, A Singh, I Mohammed, R Ittyerah, K Nath, RPR Nanga, ...
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Measurement of cytotoxic and interstitial components of cerebral edema in acute hepatic failure by diffusion tensor imaging
V Rai, K Nath, VA Saraswat, A Purwar, RKS Rathore, RK Gupta
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging: An Official Journal of the …, 2008
31P and 1H MRS of DB‐1 melanoma xenografts: lonidamine selectively decreases tumor intracellular pH and energy status and sensitizes tumors to melphalan
K Nath, DS Nelson, AM Ho, SC Lee, MM Darpolor, S Pickup, R Zhou, ...
NMR in biomedicine 26 (1), 98-105, 2013
Quantification of cerebral edema on diffusion tensor imaging in acute‐on‐chronic liver failure
K Nath, VA Saraswat, YR Krishna, MA Thomas, RKS Rathore, CM Pandey, ...
NMR in Biomedicine: An International Journal Devoted to the Development and …, 2008
Role of diffusion tensor imaging metrics and in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the differential diagnosis of cystic intracranial mass lesions
K Nath, M Agarwal, M Ramola, M Husain, KN Prasad, RKS Rathore, ...
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In vivo demonstration of neuroinflammatory molecule expression in brain abscess with diffusion tensor imaging
RK Gupta, K Nath, A Prasad, KN Prasad, M Husain, RKS Rathore, ...
American journal of neuroradiology 29 (2), 326-332, 2008
In vivo1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy‐derived metabolite variations between acute‐on‐chronic liver failure and acute liver failure
A Verma, VA Saraswat, Y Radha Krishna, K Nath, MA Thomas, RK Gupta
Liver International 28 (8), 1095-1103, 2008
Can we differentiate true white matter fibers from pseudofibers inside a brain abscess cavity using geometrical diffusion tensor imaging metrics?
M Kumar, RK Gupta, K Nath, RKS Rathore, G Bayu, R Trivedi, M Husain, ...
NMR in Biomedicine: An International Journal Devoted to the Development and …, 2008
NMR-based metabolomics of prostate cancer: a protagonist in clinical diagnostics
D Kumar, A Gupta, K Nath
Expert review of molecular diagnostics 16 (6), 651-661, 2016
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