Enrico Pomarico
Enrico Pomarico
Lecturer UAS, hepia, Geneva
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Realization and characterization of a two-photon four-qubit linear cluster state
G Vallone, E Pomarico, P Mataloni, F De Martini, V Berardi
Physical review letters 98 (18), 180502, 2007
Attosecond coherent control of free-electron wave functions using semi-infinite light fields
GM Vanacore, I Madan, G Berruto, K Wang, E Pomarico, RJ Lamb, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-11, 2018
Laser-induced skyrmion writing and erasing in an ultrafast cryo-Lorentz transmission electron microscope
G Berruto, I Madan, Y Murooka, GM Vanacore, E Pomarico, J Rajeswari, ...
Physical review letters 120 (11), 117201, 2018
Ultrafast generation and control of an electron vortex beam via chiral plasmonic near fields
GM Vanacore, G Berruto, I Madan, E Pomarico, P Biagioni, RJ Lamb, ...
Nature Materials 18, 573–579, 2019
Active one-way quantum computation with two-photon four-qubit cluster states
G Vallone, E Pomarico, F De Martini, P Mataloni
Physical review letters 100 (16), 160502, 2008
Waveguide-based OPO source of entangled photon pairs
E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, N Gisin, R Thew, H Zbinden, G Schreiber, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (11), 113042, 2009
meV resolution in laser-assisted energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy
E Pomarico, I Madan, G Berruto, GM Vanacore, K Wang, I Kaminer, ...
ACS Photonics 5 (3), 759–764, 2018
Enhanced electron-phonon coupling in graphene with periodically distorted lattice
E Pomarico, M Mitrano, H Bromberger, MA Sentef, A Al-Temimy, C Coletti, ...
Physical Review B 95, 024304, 2017
MHz rate and efficient synchronous heralding of single photons at telecom wavelengths
E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, T Guerreiro, R Thew, H Zbinden
Optics express 20 (21), 23846-23855, 2012
Experimental realization of polarization qutrits from nonmaximally entangled states
G Vallone, E Pomarico, F De Martini, P Mataloni, M Barbieri
Physical Review A 76 (1), 012319, 2007
Engineering integrated pure narrow-band photon sources
E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, CI Osorio, H Herrmann, RT Thew
New Journal of Physics 14 (3), 033008, 2012
Cloning entangled photons to scales one can see
P Sekatski, B Sanguinetti, E Pomarico, N Gisin, C Simon
Physical Review A 82 (5), 053814, 2010
Experimental amplification of an entangled photon: what if the detection loophole is ignored?
E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, P Sekatski, H Zbinden, N Gisin
New Journal of Physics 13 (6), 063031, 2011
Dual luminescence, interligand decay, and nonradiative electronic relaxation of cyclometalated iridium complexes in solution
E Pomarico, M Silatani, F Messina, O Braem, A Cannizzo, E Barranoff, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (30), 16459-16469, 2016
Room temperature photon number resolving detector for infared wavelengths
E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, R Thew, H Zbinden
Optics express 18 (10), 10750-10759, 2010
Holographic imaging of electromagnetic fields via electron-light quantum interference
I Madan, GM Vanacore, E Pomarico, G Berruto, RJ Lamb, D McGrouther, ...
Science advances 5 (5), eaav8358, 2019
Clocking the ultrafast electron cooling in anatase titanium dioxide nanoparticles
E Baldini, T Palmieri, E Pomarico, G Aubock, M Chergui
ACS Photonics 5 (4), 1241-1249, 2018
Ligand-centred fluorescence and electronic relaxation cascade at vibrational time scales in transition-metal complexes
F Messina, E Pomarico, M Silatani, E Baranoff, M Chergui
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (22), 4475-4480, 2015
Interaction of independent single photons based on integrated nonlinear optics
T Guerreiro, E Pomarico, B Sanguinetti, N Sangouard, JS Pelc, ...
Nature Communications 4, 2324, 2013
One-way quantum computation with two-photon multiqubit cluster states
G Vallone, E Pomarico, F De Martini, P Mataloni
Physical Review A 78 (4), 042335, 2008
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