Michael J. Wester
Michael J. Wester
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New Mexico
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Computer algebra systems: a practical guide
MJ Wester
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999
Mechanism of Stx17 recruitment to autophagosomes via IRGM and mammalian Atg8 proteins
S Kumar, A Jain, F Farzam, J Jia, Y Gu, SW Choi, MH Mudd, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 217 (3), 997-1013, 2018
MACSYMA reference manual
Mathlab Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983
Resultants and loop closure
EA Coutsias, C Seok, MJ Wester, KA Dill
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 106 (1), 176-189, 2006
Exhaustive conformational sampling of complex fused ring macrocycles using inverse kinematics
EA Coutsias, KW Lexa, MJ Wester, SN Pollock, MP Jacobson
Journal of chemical theory and computation 12 (9), 4674-4687, 2016
A review of CAS mathematical capabilities
M Wester
Computer Algebra Nederland Nieuwsbrief 13, 41-48, 1994
Scaffold topologies. 2. Analysis of chemical databases
MJ Wester, SN Pollock, EA Coutsias, TK Allu, S Muresan, TI Oprea
Journal of chemical information and modeling 48 (7), 1311-1324, 2008
Scaffold topologies. 1. Exhaustive enumeration up to eight rings
SN Pollock, EA Coutsias, MJ Wester, TI Oprea
Journal of chemical information and modeling 48 (7), 1304-1310, 2008
Mannan molecular substructures control nanoscale glucan exposure in Candida
MS Graus, MJ Wester, DW Lowman, DL Williams, MD Kruppa, ...
Cell reports 24 (9), 2432-2442. e5, 2018
γ9δ2T cell diversity and the receptor interface with tumor cells
A Vyborova, DX Beringer, D Fasci, F Karaiskaki, E van Diest, L Kramer, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 130 (9), 4637-4651, 2020
A critique of the mathematical abilities of CA systems
M Wester
Computer Algebra Systems: A Practical Guide 16, 436, 1999
Nanoscopic cell-wall architecture of an immunogenic ligand in Candida albicans during antifungal drug treatment
J Lin, MJ Wester, MS Graus, KA Lidke, AK Neumann
Molecular biology of the cell 27 (6), 1002-1014, 2016
Super-resolution imaging of C-type lectin spatial rearrangement within the dendritic cell plasma membrane at fungal microbe contact sites
MS Itano, MS Graus, C Pehlke, MJ Wester, P Liu, KA Lidke, NL Thompson, ...
Frontiers in physics 2, 46, 2014
Mechanisms of inside-out signaling of the high-affinity IgG receptor FcγRI
AM Brandsma, SL Schwartz, MJ Wester, CC Valley, GLA Blezer, ...
Science signaling 11 (540), eaaq0891, 2018
RMSD and Symmetry
EA Coutsias, MJ Wester
Journal of computational chemistry 40 (15), 1496-1508, 2019
Evolution of railway network flexibility: The Spanish broad gauge case
E Roanes-Lozano, LM Laita, E Roanes-Macías, MJ Wester, ...
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 79 (8), 2317-2332, 2009
Comparing lifeact and phalloidin for super-resolution imaging of actin in fixed cells
H Mazloom-Farsibaf, F Farzam, M Fazel, MJ Wester, MBM Meddens, ...
Plos one 16 (1), e0246138, 2021
Comparison of polynomial-oriented computer algebra systems
RH Lewis, M Wester
ACM SIGSAM Bulletin 33 (4), 5-13, 1999
Insights into cell membrane microdomain organization from live cell single particle tracking of the IgE high affinity receptor FcϵRI of mast cells
FA Espinoza, MJ Wester, JM Oliver, BS Wilson, NL Andrews, DS Lidke, ...
Bulletin of mathematical biology 74 (8), 1857-1911, 2012
Bayesian multiple emitter fitting using reversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo
M Fazel, MJ Wester, H Mazloom-Farsibaf, M Meddens, AS Eklund, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
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