Dr. Bikash Kumar Shaw
Dr. Bikash Kumar Shaw
Royal Society Newton International Fellow, Materials Sc. & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, UK
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Highly selective detection of trinitrophenol by luminescent functionalized reduced graphene oxide through FRET mechanism
D Dinda, A Gupta, BK Shaw, S Sadhu, SK Saha
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (13), 10722-10728, 2014
Thymine Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Fluorescence “Turn-off-on” Sensing of Hg2+ and I in Aqueous Medium
D Dinda, BK Shaw, SK Saha
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (27), 14743-14749, 2015
Bright green photoluminescence in aminoazobenzene-functionalized graphene oxide
A Gupta, BK Shaw, SK Saha
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (13), 6972-6979, 2014
Field-induced ferromagnetism and multiferroic behavior in end-on pseudohalide-bridged dinuclear copper (II) complexes with tridentate schiff base blocking ligands
S Jana, BK Shaw, P Bhowmik, K Harms, MGB Drew, S Chattopadhyay, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 53 (16), 8723-8734, 2014
Highly luminescent N-doped carbon quantum dots from lemon juice with porphyrin-like structures surrounded by graphitic network for sensing applications
TK Mondal, A Gupta, BK Shaw, S Mondal, UK Ghorai, SK Saha
RSC advances 6 (65), 59927-59934, 2016
Melting of hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites
BK Shaw, AR Hughes, M Ducamp, S Moss, A Debnath, AF Sapnik, ...
Nature chemistry 13 (8), 778-785, 2021
Tuning the redox non-innocence of a phenalenyl ligand toward efficient nickel-assisted catalytic hydrosilylation
G Vijaykumar, A Pariyar, J Ahmed, BK Shaw, D Adhikari, SK Mandal
Chemical Science 9 (10), 2817-2825, 2018
Accessing Heterobiaryls through Transition-Metal-Free C–H Functionalization
A Banik, R Paira, BK Shaw, G Vijaykumar, SK Mandal
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 83 (6), 3236-3244, 2018
Photoluminescence study of optically active diaminopyridine intercalated graphene oxide
A Gupta, BK Shaw, SK Saha
RSC Advances 4 (92), 50542-50548, 2014
Unusual dielectric response in cobalt doped reduced graphene oxide
AJ Akhtar, A Gupta, B Kumar Shaw, SK Saha
Applied Physics Letters 103 (24), 242902, 2013
Storing redox equivalent in the phenalenyl backbone towards catalytic multi-electron reduction
M Bhunia, SR Sahoo, BK Shaw, S Vaidya, A Pariyar, G Vijaykumar, ...
Chemical Science 10 (31), 7433-7441, 2019
Mononuclear manganese (III) complexes of bidentate NO donor Schiff base ligands: synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic and catecholase studies
A Dutta, S Biswas, M Dolai, BK Shaw, A Mondal, SK Saha, M Ali
RSC Advances 5 (30), 23855-23864, 2015
Realization of two-dimensional ferromagnetism with giant coercivity in ultrathin β− Ni (OH) 2 layers grown on a Mo S 2 surface
S Bhattacharya, D Dinda, BK Shaw, S Dutta, SK Saha
Physical Review B 93 (18), 184403, 2016
Unique trapping of paddlewheel copper (ii) carboxylate by ligand-bound {Cu 2} fragments for [Cu 6] assembly
K Chattopadhyay, BK Shaw, SK Saha, D Ray
Dalton Transactions 45 (16), 6928-6938, 2016
Giant magnetoresistance and magneto-dielectric effects in a charge transfer metal complex for multiferroic applications
BK Shaw, SK Saha
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (39), 20700-20707, 2012
Tunable color in 2, 6-diaminopyridine-functionalized graphene oxide
S Mondal, D Dinda, B Kumar Shaw, SK Saha
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (20), 11085-11091, 2016
An Iron‐Based Long‐Lived Catalyst for Direct C− H Arylation of Arenes and Heteroarenes
S Chakraborty, J Ahmed, BK Shaw, A Jose, SK Mandal
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (67), 17651-17655, 2018
Synthesis, structure, catalytic and magnetic properties of a pyrazole based five coordinated di-nuclear cobalt (II) complex
R Alam, K Pal, BK Shaw, M Dolai, N Pal, SK Saha, M Ali
Polyhedron 106, 84-91, 2016
Phenalenyl Based Aluminum Compound for Catalytic C–H Arylation of Arene and Heteroarenes at Room Temperature
PK Vardhanapu, J Ahmed, A Jose, BK Shaw, TK Sen, AA Mathews, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 84 (1), 289-299, 2018
Graphene oxide–phenalenyl composite: transition metal-free recyclable and catalytic C–H functionalization
B Singh, R Paira, G Biswas, BK Shaw, SK Mandal
Chemical Communications 54 (94), 13220-13223, 2018
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