Simon Knott
Simon Knott
Research Scientist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
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Asparagine bioavailability governs metastasis in a model of breast cancer
SRV Knott, E Wagenblast, S Khan, SY Kim, M Soto, M Wagner, ...
Nature 554 (7692), 378-381, 2018
A model of breast cancer heterogeneity reveals vascular mimicry as a driver of metastasis
E Wagenblast, M Soto, S Gutiérrez-Ángel, CA Hartl, AL Gable, AR Maceli, ...
Nature 520 (7547), 358-362, 2015
The structural biochemistry of Zucchini implicates it as a nuclease in piRNA biogenesis
JJ Ipsaro, AD Haase, SR Knott, L Joshua-Tor, GJ Hannon
Nature 491 (7423), 279-283, 2012
Translocation of viable gut microbiota to mesenteric adipose drives formation of creeping fat in humans
CWY Ha, A Martin, GD Sepich-Poore, B Shi, Y Wang, K Gouin, ...
Cell 183 (3), 666-683. e17, 2020
Forkhead transcription factors establish origin timing and long-range clustering in S. cerevisiae
SRV Knott, JM Peace, AZ Ostrow, Y Gan, AE Rex, CJ Viggiani, S Tavaré, ...
Cell 148 (1), 99-111, 2012
Genome-wide replication profiles indicate an expansive role for Rpd3L in regulating replication initiation timing or efficiency, and reveal genomic loci of Rpd3 function in …
SRV Knott, CJ Viggiani, S Tavaré, OM Aparicio
Genes & development 23 (9), 1077-1090, 2009
Asparagine couples mitochondrial respiration to ATF4 activity and tumor growth
AS Krall, PJ Mullen, F Surjono, M Momcilovic, EW Schmid, CJ Halbrook, ...
Cell metabolism 33 (5), 1013-1026. e6, 2021
The level of origin firing inversely affects the rate of replication fork progression
Y Zhong, T Nellimoottil, JM Peace, SRV Knott, SK Villwock, JM Yee, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 201 (3), 373-383, 2013
A computational algorithm to predict shRNA potency
SRV Knott, AR Maceli, N Erard, K Chang, K Marran, X Zhou, A Gordon, ...
Molecular cell 56 (6), 796-807, 2014
Rad53 regulates replication fork restart after DNA damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
SJ Szyjka, JG Aparicio, CJ Viggiani, S Knott, W Xu, S Tavaré, OM Aparicio
Genes & development 22 (14), 1906-1920, 2008
Lymph node metastases develop through a wider evolutionary bottleneck than distant metastases
JG Reiter, WT Hung, IH Lee, S Nagpal, P Giunta, S Degner, G Liu, ...
Nature genetics 52 (7), 692-700, 2020
Complimentary mechanisms of dual checkpoint blockade expand unique T-cell repertoires and activate adaptive anti-tumor immunity in triple-negative breast tumors
EJ Crosby, J Wei, XY Yang, G Lei, T Wang, CX Liu, P Agarwal, AJ Korman, ...
Oncoimmunology 7 (5), e1421891, 2018
An N-Cadherin 2 expressing epithelial cell subpopulation predicts response to surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy in bladder cancer
KH Gouin III, N Ing, JT Plummer, CJ Rosser, B Ben Cheikh, C Oh, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 4906, 2021
Male-specific Fruitless isoforms have different regulatory roles conferred by distinct zinc finger DNA binding domains
JE Dalton, JM Fear, S Knott, BS Baker, LM McIntyre, MN Arbeitman
Bmc Genomics 14, 1-15, 2013
Astrocytic laminin-211 drives disseminated breast tumor cell dormancy in brain
J Dai, PJ Cimino, KH Gouin III, CA Grzelak, A Barrett, AR Lim, A Long, ...
Nature cancer 3 (1), 25-42, 2022
lncRNA requirements for mouse acute myeloid leukemia and normal differentiation
MJ Delas, LR Sabin, E Dolzhenko, SRV Knott, E Munera Maravilla, ...
Elife 6, e25607, 2017
Dynamic, mating-induced gene expression changes in female head and brain tissues of Drosophila melanogaster
JE Dalton, TS Kacheria, SRV Knott, MS Lebo, A Nishitani, LE Sanders, ...
Bmc Genomics 11, 1-13, 2010
Fkh1 and Fkh2 bind multiple chromosomal elements in the S. cerevisiae genome with distinct specificities and cell cycle dynamics
AZ Ostrow, T Nellimoottil, SRV Knott, CA Fox, S Tavare, OM Aparicio
PLoS One 9 (2), e87647, 2014
A CRISPR resource for individual, combinatorial, or multiplexed gene knockout
N Erard, SRV Knott, GJ Hannon
Molecular cell 67 (2), 348-354. e4, 2017
Genome-wide network analysis reveals the global properties of IFN-β immediate transcriptional effects in humans
GH Fernald, S Knott, A Pachner, SJ Caillier, K Narayan, JR Oksenberg, ...
The Journal of Immunology 178 (8), 5076-5085, 2007
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