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Changhe Tu
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Build-to-last: Strength to weight 3D printed objects
L Lu, A Sharf, H Zhao, Y Wei, Q Fan, X Chen, Y Savoye, C Tu, ...
ACM Transactions on Graphics (ToG) 33 (4), 1-10, 2014
Synthesizing training images for boosting human 3d pose estimation
W Chen, H Wang, Y Li, H Su, Z Wang, C Tu, D Lischinski, D Cohen-Or, ...
2016 Fourth International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 479-488, 2016
Grains: Generative recursive autoencoders for indoor scenes
M Li, AG Patil, K Xu, S Chaudhuri, O Khan, A Shamir, C Tu, B Chen, ...
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 38 (2), 1-16, 2019
Human pose estimation from monocular images: A comprehensive survey
W Gong, X Zhang, J Gonzàlez, A Sobral, T Bouwmans, C Tu, E Zahzah
Sensors 16 (12), 1966, 2016
Do-conv: Depthwise over-parameterized convolutional layer
J Cao, Y Li, M Sun, Y Chen, D Lischinski, D Cohen-Or, B Chen, C Tu
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 31, 3726-3736, 2022
Connected fermat spirals for layered fabrication
H Zhao, F Gu, QX Huang, J Garcia, Y Chen, C Tu, B Benes, H Zhang, ...
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 35 (4), 1-10, 2016
Shapeconv: Shape-aware convolutional layer for indoor rgb-d semantic segmentation
J Cao, H Leng, D Lischinski, D Cohen-Or, C Tu, Y Li
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF international conference on computer vision …, 2021
Medial axis tree—an internal supporting structure for 3D printing
X Zhang, Y Xia, J Wang, Z Yang, C Tu, W Wang
Computer Aided Geometric Design 35, 149-162, 2015
Centroidal power diagrams with capacity constraints: Computation, applications, and extension
SQ Xin, B Lévy, Z Chen, L Chu, Y Yu, C Tu, W Wang
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 35 (6), 1-12, 2016
Dida: Disentangled synthesis for domain adaptation
J Cao, O Katzir, P Jiang, D Lischinski, D Cohen-Or, C Tu, Y Li
arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.08019, 2018
Enhancing Levin's method for computing quadric-surface intersections
W Wang, R Goldman, C Tu
Computer Aided Geometric Design 20 (7), 401-422, 2003
Classification of gait anomalies from kinect
Q Li, Y Wang, A Sharf, Y Cao, C Tu, B Chen, S Yu
The Visual Computer 34, 229-241, 2018
Using signature sequences to classify intersection curves of two quadrics
C Tu, W Wang, B Mourrain, J Wang
Computer Aided Geometric Design 26 (3), 317-335, 2009
Unsupervised learning of intrinsic structural representation points
N Chen, L Liu, Z Cui, R Chen, D Ceylan, C Tu, W Wang
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2020
Region-based bas-relief generation from a single image
Q Zeng, RR Martin, L Wang, JA Quinn, Y Sun, C Tu
Graphical Models 76 (3), 140-151, 2014
Difnet: Semantic segmentation by diffusion networks
P Jiang, F Gu, Y Wang, C Tu, B Chen
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31, 2018
DSCarver: decompose-and-spiral-carve for subtractive manufacturing
H Zhao, H Zhang, S Xin, Y Deng, C Tu, W Wang, D Cohen-Or, B Chen
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 37 (4), 1-14, 2018
Scribble-supervised semantic segmentation by uncertainty reduction on neural representation and self-supervision on neural eigenspace
Z Pan, P Jiang, Y Wang, C Tu, AG Cohn
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision …, 2021
Globally consistent normal orientation for point clouds by regularizing the winding-number field
R Xu, Z Dou, N Wang, S Xin, S Chen, M Jiang, X Guo, W Wang, C Tu
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 42 (4), 1-15, 2023
Laplacian2mesh: Laplacian-based mesh understanding
Q Dong, Z Wang, M Li, J Gao, S Chen, Z Shu, S Xin, C Tu, W Wang
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2023
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