rania bakry
rania bakry
Assiut University , SECI , Clinical Pathology , Professor
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Medicinal applications of fullerenes
R Bakry, RM Vallant, M Najam-ul-Haq, M Rainer, Z Szabo, CW Huck, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 2 (4), 639, 2007
Monolithic porous polymer layer for the separation of peptides and proteins using thin-layer chromatography coupled with MALDI-TOF-MS
R Bakry, GK Bonn, D Mair, F Svec
Analytical chemistry 79 (2), 486-493, 2007
Spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric estimation of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin by ternary complex formation with eosin and palladium (II)
AFM El Walily, SF Belal, RS Bakry
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 14 (5), 561-569, 1996
Analysis of protein phosphorylation by monolithic extraction columns based on poly (divinylbenzene) containing embedded titanium dioxide and zirconium dioxide nano‐powders
M Rainer, H Sonderegger, R Bakry, CW Huck, S Morandell, LA Huber, ...
Proteomics 8 (21), 4593-4602, 2008
Development and application of C60-fullerene bound silica for solid-phase extraction of biomolecules
RM Vallant, Z Szabo, S Bachmann, R Bakry, M Najam-ul-Haq, M Rainer, ...
Analytical chemistry 79 (21), 8144-8153, 2007
Quantitative detection of phosphoproteins by combination of two‐dimensional difference gel electrophoresis and phosphospecific fluorescent staining
T Stasyk, S Morandell, R Bakry, I Feuerstein, CW Huck, G Stecher, ...
Electrophoresis 26 (14), 2850-2854, 2005
Hepatic but not brain iron is rapidly chelated by deferasirox in aceruloplasminemia due to a novel gene mutation
A Finkenstedt, E Wolf, E Höfner, BI Gasser, S Bösch, R Bakry, M Creus, ...
Journal of hepatology 53 (6), 1101-1107, 2010
Sample pretreatment and determination of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in pharmaceutical formulations and biological samples (blood, plasma, erythrocytes) by …
M Sultan, G Stecher, WM Stoggl, R Bakry, P Zaborski, CW Huck, ...
Current medicinal chemistry 12 (5), 573-588, 2005
Progress in capillary electrophoresis coupled to matrix‐assisted laser desorption/ionization–time of flight mass spectrometry
CW Huck, R Bakry, LA Huber, GK Bonn
Electrophoresis 27 (11), 2063-2074, 2006
Material-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (MELDI)—A new protein profiling tool utilizing specific carrier materials for time of flight mass spectrometric analysis
I Feuerstein, M Najam-ul-Haq, M Rainer, L Trojer, R Bakry, NH Aprilita, ...
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 17 (9), 1203-1208, 2006
Poly(Glycidyl Methacrylate/Divinylbenzene)-IDA-FeIII in Phosphoproteomics
NH Aprilita, CW Huck, R Bakry, I Feuerstein, G Stecher, S Morandell, ...
Journal of proteome research 4 (6), 2312-2319, 2005
Monolithic poly(glycidyl methacrylate‐co‐divinylbenzene) capillary columns functionalized to strong anion exchangers for nucleotide and oligonucleotide separation
W Wieder, CP Bisjak, CW Huck, R Bakry, GK Bonn
Journal of separation science 29 (16), 2478-2484, 2006
Amino-functionalized monolithic poly (glycidyl methacrylate-co-divinylbenzene) ion-exchange stationary phases for the separation of oligonucleotides
CP Bisjak, R Bakry, CW Huck, GK Bonn
Chromatographia 62 (13), s31-s36, 2005
Near infrared spectroscopy for polymer research, quality control and reaction monitoring
N Heigl, CH Petter, M Rainer, M Najam-ul-Haq, RM Vallant, R Bakry, ...
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 15 (5), 269-282, 2007
Protein profiling for cancer biomarker discovery using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and infrared imaging: a review
R Bakry, M Rainer, CW Huck, GK Bonn
Analytica chimica acta 690 (1), 26-34, 2011
A new analytical material-enhanced laser desorption ionization (MELDI) based approach for the determination of low-mass serum constituents using fullerene derivatives for …
RM Vallant, Z Szabo, L Trojer, M Najam-ul-Haq, M Rainer, CW Huck, ...
Journal of proteome research 6 (1), 44-53, 2007
Spectrophotometric determination of etilefrine, ritodrine, isoxsuprine and salbutamol by nitration and subsequent Meisenheimer complex formation
RS Bakry, AF El Walily, SF Belal
Polymer—Plastics Technology and Engineering 28 (14), 2503-2519, 1995
Development and application of Fourier-transform infrared chemical imaging of tumour in human tissue
CH Petter, N Heigl, M Rainer, R Bakry, J Pallua, GK Bonn, CW Huck
Current medicinal chemistry 16 (3), 318-326, 2009
Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry using TiO 2-coated steel targets for the analysis of small molecules
H Sonderegger, C Rameshan, H Lorenz, F Klauser, M Klerks, M Rainer, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 401 (6), 1963-1974, 2011
Utilization of carbon disulphide for the analytical determination of betahistine hydrochloride and captopril in their pharmaceutical preparations
AFM El Walily, OA Razak, SF Belal, RS Bakry
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 21 (2), 439-449, 1999
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