Nazif Demoli
Nazif Demoli
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Dynamic digital holographic interferometry with three wavelengths
N Demoli, D Vukicevic, M Torzynski
Optics Express 11 (7), 767-774, 2003
Comparison of composite curing parameters: effects of light source and curing mode on conversion, temperature rise and polymerization shrinkage
Z Tarle, A Knezevic, N Demoli, A Meniga, J Sutalo, G Unterbrink, M Ristic, ...
Operative dentistry 31 (2), 219-226, 2006
Subtraction digital holography
N Demoli, J Mes̆trović, I Sović
Applied optics 42 (5), 798-804, 2003
Degree of conversion and microhardness of dental composite resin materials
D Marovic, V Panduric, Z Tarle, M Ristic, K Sariri, N Demoli, E Klaric, ...
Journal of molecular structure 1044, 299-302, 2013
Detection of hidden stationary deformations of vibrating surfaces by use of time-averaged digital holographic interferometry
N Demoli, D Vukicevic
Optics letters 29 (20), 2423-2425, 2004
Dynamic modal characterization of musical instruments using digital holography
N Demoli, I Demoli
Optics express 13 (13), 4812-4817, 2005
Real-time monitoring of vibration fringe patterns by optical reconstruction of digital holograms: mode beating detection
N Demoli
Optics express 14 (6), 2117-2122, 2006
Digital interferometry for measuring of the resin composite thickness variation during blue light polymerization
N Demoli, A Knežević, Z Tarle, A Meniga, J Šutalo, G Pichler
Optics Communications 231 (1-6), 45-51, 2004
Shrinkage evaluation of composite polymerized with LED units using laser interferometry.
A Knezevic, K Sariri, I Sovic, N Demoli, Z Tarle
Quintessence international 41 (5), 2010
Liquid crystal display as spatial light modulator for diffractive optical elements and the reconstruction of digital holograms
GKG Wernicke, S Krueger, H Gruber, N Demoli, M Duerr, S Teiwes
Advanced Photonic Sensors and Applications II 4596, 182-190, 2001
Fault detection and feature analysis in interferometric fringe patterns by the application of wavelet filters in convolution processors
S Krueger, GKG Wernicke, W Osten, D Kayser, N Demoli, H Gruber
Journal of Electronic Imaging 10 (1), 228-233, 2001
Investigation of micro-opto-electro-mechanical components with a holographic microscopic interferometer
GK Wernicke, O Kruschke, N Demoli, H Gruber
Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials and Composites II, SPIE 3396, 238-243, 1998
Composite photopolymerization with diode laser
A Knezevic, M Ristic, N Demoli, Z Tarle, S Music, VN Mandic
Operative dentistry 32 (3), 279-284, 2007
Influence of flatness distortion on the output of a liquid-crystal-television-based joint transform correlator system
N Demoli, U Dahms, H Gruber, G Wernicke
Applied optics 36 (32), 8417-8426, 1997
Refined Fourier-transform method of analysis of full two-dimensional digitized interferograms
D Lovrić, Z Vučić, J Gladić, N Demoli, S Mitrović, M Milas
Applied optics 42 (8), 1477-1484, 2003
Measurement of linear polymerization contraction using digital laser interferometry.
A Knezevic, N Demoli, Z Tarle, A Meniga, J Sutalo, G Pichler
Operative dentistry 30 (3), 346-352, 2005
Undersampled digital holography
N Demoli, H Halaq, K Šariri, M Torzynski, D Vukicevic
Optics express 17 (18), 15842-15852, 2009
Application of a liquid crystal display spatial light modulator system as dynamic diffractive element and in optical image processing
G Wernicke, S Kruger, J Kamps, H Gruber, N Demoli, M Durr, S Teiwes
Journal of optical communications 25 (4), 141-148, 2004
Quasiphase-only matched filtering
N Demoli
Applied optics 26 (11), 2058-2061, 1987
Holography and holographic pattern recognition for preservation and evaluation of cultural-historic sources
G Von Bally, D Vukicevic, N Demoli, H Bjelkhagen, G Wernicke, U Dahms, ...
Naturwissenschaften 81 (12), 563-565, 1994
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