Dougal Mcculloch
Dougal Mcculloch
Director of the RMIT Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility, RMIT University
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Corrosion of AA2024-T3 Part I: Localised corrosion of isolated IM particles
A Boag, AE Hughes, AM Glenn, TH Muster, D McCulloch
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Structural investigation of xenon-ion-beam-irradiated glassy carbon
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Hard magnetic properties in nanoflake van der Waals Fe3GeTe2
C Tan, J Lee, SG Jung, T Park, S Albarakati, J Partridge, MR Field, ...
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Stable pit formation on AA2024-T3 in a NaCl environment
A Boag, RJ Taylor, TH Muster, N Goodman, D McCulloch, C Ryan, B Rout, ...
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Corrosion of AA2024-T3 Part II: Co-operative corrosion
AE Hughes, A Boag, AM Glenn, D McCulloch, TH Muster, C Ryan, C Luo, ...
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Ab initio simulations of the structure of amorphous carbon
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Synthesis of nanostructured tungsten oxide thin films: A simple, controllable, inexpensive, aqueous sol− gel method
M Breedon, P Spizzirri, M Taylor, J Du Plessis, D McCulloch, J Zhu, L Yu, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 10 (1), 430-439, 2010
The anodized crystalline WO 3 nanoporous network with enhanced electrochromic properties
JZ Ou, S Balendhran, MR Field, DG McCulloch, AS Zoolfakar, RA Rani, ...
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FS Hage, RJ Nicholls, JR Yates, DG McCulloch, TC Lovejoy, N Dellby, ...
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Plasma-based ion implantation utilising a cathodic arc plasma
MMM Bilek, DR McKenzie, RN Tarrant, SHM Lim, DG McCulloch
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Ion implantation in tetrahedral amorphous carbon
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Toughening of a trifunctional epoxy system Part III. Kinetic and morphological study of the thermoplastic modified cure process
RJ Varley, JH Hodgkin, DG Hawthorne, GP Simon, D McCulloch
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The effect of annealing and implantation temperature on the structure of C ion‐beam‐irradiated glassy carbon
DG McCulloch, S Prawer
Journal of applied physics 78 (5), 3040-3047, 1995
Controlled surface modification of boron nitride nanotubes
XJ Dai, Y Chen, Z Chen, PR Lamb, LH Li, J Du Plessis, DG McCulloch, ...
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Investigation of nitrogen mass transfer within an industrial plasma nitriding system I: The role of surface deposits
P Hubbard, JG Partridge, ED Doyle, DG McCulloch, MB Taylor, SJ Dowey
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Mechanism for the amorphisation of diamond
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Reverse Monte Carlo analysis of the structure of glassy carbon using electron-microscopy data
B O’Malley, I Snook, D McCulloch
Physical Review B 57 (22), 14148, 1998
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