Guillaume Pézeron
Guillaume Pézeron
Associate Professor (MNHN)
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Characterization of sleep in zebrafish and insomnia in hypocretin receptor mutants
T Yokogawa, W Marin, J Faraco, G Pézeron, L Appelbaum, J Zhang, ...
PLoS biology 5 (10), e277, 2007
Genomic regulatory blocks encompass multiple neighboring genes and maintain conserved synteny in vertebrates
H Kikuta, M Laplante, P Navratilova, AZ Komisarczuk, PG Engström, ...
Genome research 17 (5), 545-555, 2007
Analysis of the expression patterns, subcellular localisations and interaction partners of Drosophila proteins using a pigP protein trap library
N Lowe, JS Rees, J Roote, E Ryder, IM Armean, G Johnson, E Drummond, ...
Development 141 (20), 3994-4005, 2014
IEX-1: a new ERK substrate involved in both ERK survival activity and ERK activation
J Garcia, Y Ye, V Arranz, C Letourneux, G Pezeron, F Porteu
The EMBO journal 21 (19), 5151-5163, 2002
Live analysis of endodermal layer formation identifies random walk as a novel gastrulation movement
G Pézeron, P Mourrain, S Courty, J Ghislain, TS Becker, FM Rosa, ...
Current biology 18 (4), 276-281, 2008
PHR1, an integral membrane protein of the inner ear sensory cells, directly interacts with myosin 1c and myosin VIIa
R Etournay, A El-Amraoui, A Bahloul, S Blanchard, I Roux, G Pézeron, ...
Journal of cell science 118 (13), 2891-2899, 2005
Conserved co-regulation and promoter sharing of hoxb3a and hoxb4a in zebrafish
T Hadrys, B Punnamoottil, M Pieper, H Kikuta, G Pezeron, TS Becker, ...
Developmental biology 297 (1), 26-43, 2006
Rasl11b Knock Down in Zebrafish Suppresses One-Eyed-Pinhead Mutant Phenotype
G Pézeron, G Lambert, T Dickmeis, U Strähle, FM Rosa, P Mourrain
PLoS One 3 (1), e1434, 2008
Adrenergic activation modulates the signal from the Reissner fiber to cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons during development
Y Cantaut-Belarif, A Orts Del'Immagine, M Penru, G Pézeron, C Wyart, ...
Elife 9, e59469, 2020
Enhancer detection in zebrafish permits the identification of neuronal subtypes that express Hox4 paralogs
B Punnamoottil, H Kikuta, G Pezeron, J Erceg, TS Becker, S Rinkwitz
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2008
Notch directly regulates the cell morphogenesis genes Reck, talin and trio in adult muscle progenitors
G Pézeron, K Millen, H Boukhatmi, S Bray
Journal of cell science 127 (21), 4634-4644, 2014
Duplicate sfrp1 genes in zebrafish: sfrp1a is dynamically expressed in the developing central nervous system, gut and lateral line
G Pézeron, I Anselme, M Laplante, S Ellingsen, TS Becker, FM Rosa, ...
Gene expression patterns 6 (8), 835-842, 2006
A multiscale mathematical model of cell dynamics during neurogenesis in the mouse cerebral cortex
M Postel, A Karam, G Pézeron, S Schneider-Maunoury, F Clément
BMC bioinformatics 20, 1-24, 2019
Revisiting the evolution of the somatostatin family: Already five genes in the gnathostome ancestor
H Tostivint, AL Gaillard, S Mazan, G Pézeron
General and comparative endocrinology 279, 139-147, 2019
Loss of the Reissner Fiber and increased URP neuropeptide signaling underlie scoliosis in a zebrafish ciliopathy mutant
C Vesque, I Anselme, G Pezeron, Y Cantaut-Belarif, A Eschstruth, ...
BioRxiv, 2019.12. 19.882258, 2019
Urp1 and Urp2 act redundantly to maintain spine shape in zebrafish larvae
AL Gaillard, T Mohamad, FB Quan, A de Cian, C Mosimann, H Tostivint, ...
Developmental Biology 496, 36-51, 2023
Conserved role of the urotensin II receptor 4 signalling pathway to control body straightness in a tetrapod
F Alejevski, M Leemans, AL Gaillard, D Leistenschneider, C de Flori, ...
Open Biology 11 (8), 210065, 2021
Urotensin II-related peptide (Urp) is expressed in motoneurons in zebrafish, but is dispensable for locomotion in larva
FB Quan, AL Gaillard, F Alejevski, G Pézeron, H Tostivint
Peptides 146, 170675, 2021
Astrogliosis and Neuroinflammation Underlie Scoliosis Upon Cilia Dysfunction
M Djebar, I Anselme, G Pezeron, PL Bardet, Y Cantaut-Belarif, ...
bioRxiv, 2024.02. 22.581530, 2024
Neuropeptides involved in proper spine morphogenesis: Lessons from fish and toad
H Tostivint, F Alejevski, M Leemans, AL Gaillard, S Le Mével, A Herrel, ...
Medecine Sciences: M/S 38 (1), 27-29, 2022
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