Todd J. Toops
Todd J. Toops
Distinguished R&D Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Discovery of true electrochemical reactions for ultrahigh catalyst mass activity in water splitting
J Mo, Z Kang, ST Retterer, DA Cullen, TJ Toops, JB Green Jr, MM Mench, ...
Science advances 2 (11), e1600690, 2016
Investigation of thin/well-tunable liquid/gas diffusion layers exhibiting superior multifunctional performance in low-temperature electrolytic water splitting
Z Kang, J Mo, G Yang, ST Retterer, DA Cullen, TJ Toops, JB Green Jr, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 10 (1), 166-175, 2017
Biodiesel synthesis using calcined layered double hydroxide catalysts
JL Shumaker, C Crofcheck, SA Tackett, E Santillan-Jimenez, T Morgan, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 82 (1-2), 120-130, 2008
Quantified NOx adsorption on Pt/K/gamma-Al2O3 and the effects of CO2 and H2O
TJ Toops, DB Smith, WS Epling, JE Parks, WP Partridge
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 58 (3-4), 255-264, 2005
In-situ DRIFTS measurements for the mechanistic study of NO oxidation over a commercial Cu-CHA catalyst
MP Ruggeri, I Nova, E Tronconi, JA Pihl, TJ Toops, WP Partridge
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 166, 181-192, 2015
Novel thin/tunable gas diffusion electrodes with ultra-low catalyst loading for hydrogen evolution reactions in proton exchange membrane electrolyzer cells
Z Kang, G Yang, J Mo, Y Li, S Yu, DA Cullen, ST Retterer, TJ Toops, ...
Nano energy 47, 434-441, 2018
Thin liquid/gas diffusion layers for high-efficiency hydrogen production from water splitting
J Mo, Z Kang, G Yang, ST Retterer, DA Cullen, TJ Toops, JB Green Jr, ...
Applied energy 177, 817-822, 2016
Additive manufacturing of liquid/gas diffusion layers for low-cost and high-efficiency hydrogen production
J Mo, RR Dehoff, WH Peter, TJ Toops, JB Green Jr, FY Zhang
International journal of hydrogen energy 41 (4), 3128-3135, 2016
Activating low-temperature diesel oxidation by single-atom Pt on TiO2 nanowire array
S Hoang, Y Guo, AJ Binder, W Tang, S Wang, J Liu, H Tran, X Lu, Y Wang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1062, 2020
Quantification of the in situ DRIFT spectra of Pt/K/γ-Al2O3 NOx adsorber catalysts
TJ Toops, DB Smith, WP Partridge
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 58 (3), 245-254, 2005
Low‐temperature CO oxidation over a ternary oxide catalyst with high resistance to hydrocarbon inhibition
AJ Binder, TJ Toops, RR Unocic, JE Parks, S Dai
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (45), 13263-13267, 2015
In situ investigation on ultrafast oxygen evolution reactions of water splitting in proton exchange membrane electrolyzer cells
J Mo, Z Kang, G Yang, Y Li, ST Retterer, DA Cullen, TJ Toops, G Bender, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (35), 18469-18475, 2017
NOx storage and reduction in model lean NOx trap catalysts studied by in situ DRIFTS
Y Ji, TJ Toops, JA Pihl, M Crocker
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 91 (1), 329-338, 2009
Influence of ceria on the NOx storage/reduction behavior of lean NOx trap catalysts
Y Ji, JS Choi, TJ Toops, M Crocker, M Naseri
Catalysis Today 136 (1-2), 146-155, 2008
A kinetic and DRIFTS study of supported Pt catalysts for NO oxidation
Y Ji, TJ Toops, UM Graham, G Jacobs, M Crocker
Catalysis Letters 110, 29-37, 2006
Effect of Ceria on the Storage and Regeneration Behavior of a Model Lean NO x Trap Catalyst
Y Ji, TJ Toops, M Crocker
Catalysis Letters 119, 257-264, 2007
NOx adsorption on Pt/K/Al2O3
TJ Toops, DB Smith, WP Partridge
Catalysis today 114 (1), 112-124, 2006
NOx Storage and Reduction Properties of Model Ceria-based Lean NOx Trap Catalysts
C Shi, Y Ji, UM Graham, G Jacobs, M Crocker, Z Zhang, Y Wang, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2012
Passive-ammonia selective catalytic reduction (SCR): Understanding NH3 formation over close-coupled three way catalysts (TWC)
CD DiGiulio, JA Pihl, JE Parks II, MD Amiridis, TJ Toops
Catalysis Today 231, 33-45, 2014
Evaluation of nitrided titanium separator plates for proton exchange membrane electrolyzer cells
TJ Toops, MP Brady, FY Zhang, HM Meyer III, K Ayers, A Roemer, ...
Journal of Power Sources 272, 954-960, 2014
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