Tanja Jurkin
Tanja Jurkin
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FTIR assessment of poly (ethylene oxide) irradiated in solid state, melt and aqeuous solution
I Pucić, T Jurkin
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81 (9), 1426-1429, 2012
The synthesis of gold nanoparticles by a citrate-radiolytical method
N Hanžić, T Jurkin, A Maksimović, M Gotić
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 106, 77-82, 2015
Factors that may influence the micro-emulsion synthesis of nanosize magnetite particles
M Gotić, T Jurkin, S Musić
Colloid and polymer science 285, 793-800, 2007
Gamma-irradiation synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles in the presence of PEO, PVP or CTAB
T Jurkin, M Gotić, G Štefanić, I Pucić
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 124, 75-83, 2016
From iron (III) precursor to magnetite and vice versa
M Gotić, T Jurkin, S Musić
Materials research bulletin 44 (10), 2014-2021, 2009
Synthesis route to δ-FeOOH nanodiscs
T Jurkin, G Štefanić, G Dražić, M Gotić
Materials letters 173, 55-59, 2016
Poly (ethylene oxide) irradiated in the solid state, melt and aqueous solution—a DSC and WAXD study
T Jurkin, I Pucić
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 81 (9), 1303-1308, 2012
Bone tissue engineering in a perfusion bioreactor using dexamethasone-loaded peptide hydrogel
M Panek, M Antunović, L Pribolšan, A Ivković, M Gotić, A Vukasović, ...
Materials 12 (6), 919, 2019
Microstructural characterizations of different Mn-oxide nanoparticles used as models in toxicity studies
M Gotić, T Jurkin, S Musić, K Unfried, U Sydlik, A Bauer-Šegvić
Journal of molecular structure 1044, 248-254, 2013
Detection of multi-class pesticide residues with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
L Mikac, E Kovačević, Š Ukić, M Raić, T Jurkin, I Marić, M Gotić, M Ivanda
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 252, 119478, 2021
Post-irradiation crosslinking of partially cured unsaturated polyester resin
T Jurkin, I Pucić
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 75 (9), 1060-1068, 2006
Syntheses of gold nanoparticles and their impact on the cell cycle in breast cancer cells subjected to megavoltage X-ray irradiation
N Hanžić, A Horvat, J Bibić, K Unfried, T Jurkin, G Dražić, I Marijanović, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 91, 486-495, 2018
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles under highly oxidizing conditions
T Jurkin, M Guliš, G Dražić, M Gotić
Gold Bulletin 49, 21-33, 2016
Irradiation effects in poly (ethylene oxide)/silica nanocomposite films and gels
T Jurkin, I Pucić
Polymer Engineering & Science 53 (11), 2318-2327, 2013
Optical, structural and semiconducting properties of Mn doped TiO2 nanoparticles for cosmetic applications
LG Bousiakou, PJ Dobson, T Jurkin, I Marić, O Aldossary, M Ivanda
Journal of King Saud University-Science 34 (3), 101818, 2022
Radiolytic synthesis of manganese oxides and their ability to decolorize methylene blue in aqueous solutions
L Mikac, I Marić, G Štefanić, T Jurkin, M Ivanda, M Gotić
Applied surface science 476, 1086-1095, 2019
Uvod u mikroemulzije
T Jurkin, M Gotić
Kemija u industriji: Časopis kemičara i kemijskih inženjera Hrvatske 62 (11 …, 2013
The impact of dextran sulfate on the radiolytic synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
I Marić, G Štefanić, M Gotić, T Jurkin
Journal of molecular structure 1183, 126-136, 2019
Impact of platinum loading and dispersion on the catalytic activity of Pt/SnO2 and Pt/α-Fe2O3
I Marić, G Dražić, E Radin, R Peter, M Škrabić, T Jurkin, A Pustak, N Baran, ...
Applied surface science 607, 155073, 2023
Investigation of solid phase upon γ-irradiation of ferrihydrite-ethanol suspension
T Jurkin, K Zadro, M Gotić, S Musić
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 80 (7), 792-798, 2011
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