Kyle berean
A human pilot trial of ingestible electronic capsules capable of sensing different gases in the gut
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Wafer-scale two-dimensional semiconductors from printed oxide skin of liquid metals
BJ Carey, JZ Ou, RM Clark, KJ Berean, A Zavabeti, ASR Chesman, ...
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Ingestible sensors
K Kalantar-Zadeh, N Ha, JZ Ou, KJ Berean
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Highly active two dimensional α-MoO 3− x for the electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
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The effect of crosslinking temperature on the permeability of PDMS membranes: Evidence of extraordinary CO2 and CH4 gas permeation
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Intestinal gases: influence on gut disorders and the role of dietary manipulations
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CNT/PDMS composite membranes for H2 and CH4 gas separation
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2D WS 2/carbon dot hybrids with enhanced photocatalytic activity
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A gallium-based magnetocaloric liquid metal ferrofluid
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Intestinal gas capsules: A proof-of-concept demonstration
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Nanocomposite carbon-PDMS membranes for gas separation
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Excitation dependent bidirectional electron transfer in phthalocyanine-functionalised MoS 2 nanosheets
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Surface water dependent properties of sulfur-rich molybdenum sulfides: electrolyteless gas phase water splitting
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The safety and sensitivity of a telemetric capsule to monitor gastrointestinal hydrogen production in vivo in healthy subjects: a pilot trial comparison to concurrent breath …
KJ Berean, N Ha, JZ Ou, AF Chrimes, D Grando, CK Yao, JG Muir, ...
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics 48 (6), 646-654, 2018
2D MoS2 PDMS Nanocomposites for NO2 Separation.
KJ Berean, JZ Ou, T Daeneke, BJ Carey, EP Nguyen, Y Wang, SP Russo, ...
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 11 (38), 5035-5040, 2015
Silver nanoparticle/PDMS nanocomposite catalytic membranes for H2S gas removal
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Controlled electrochemical deformation of liquid-phase gallium
AF Chrimes, KJ Berean, A Mitchell, G Rosengarten, K Kalantar-zadeh
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The guts game: Towards designing ingestible games
Z Li, R Patibanda, F Brandmueller, W Wang, K Berean, S Greuter, ...
Proceedings of the 2018 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in …, 2018
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