Dale Keith Hensley
Dale Keith Hensley
Controlled Synthesis Engineer, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National
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Studies on supercapacitor electrode material from activated lignin-derived mesoporous carbon
D Saha, Y Li, Z Bi, J Chen, JK Keum, DK Hensley, HA Grappe, ...
Langmuir 30 (3), 900-910, 2014
High‐Selectivity Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Ethanol using a Copper Nanoparticle/N‐Doped Graphene Electrode
Y Song, R Peng, DK Hensley, PV Bonnesen, L Liang, Z Wu, HM Meyer III, ...
ChemistrySelect 1 (19), 6055-6061, 2016
A physical catalyst for the electrolysis of nitrogen to ammonia
Y Song, D Johnson, R Peng, DK Hensley, PV Bonnesen, L Liang, ...
Science advances 4 (4), e1700336, 2018
Intracellular integration of synthetic nanostructures with viable cells for controlled biochemical manipulation
TE McKnight, AV Melechko, GD Griffin, MA Guillorn, VI Merkulov, F Serna, ...
Nanotechnology 14 (5), 551, 2003
Tracking gene expression after DNA delivery using spatially indexed nanofiber arrays
TE McKnight, AV Melechko, DK Hensley, DGJ Mann, GD Griffin, ...
Nano Letters 4 (7), 1213-1219, 2004
Electrical and thermal conductivity of low temperature CVD graphene: the effect of disorder
I Vlassiouk, S Smirnov, I Ivanov, PF Fulvio, S Dai, H Meyer, M Chi, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (27), 275716, 2011
Monodispersed biocompatible silver sulfide nanoparticles: facile extracellular biosynthesis using the γ-proteobacterium, Shewanella oneidensis
AK Suresh, MJ Doktycz, W Wang, JW Moon, B Gu, HM Meyer III, ...
Acta biomaterialia 7 (12), 4253-4258, 2011
Effect of electrode manufacturing defects on electrochemical performance of lithium-ion batteries: Cognizance of the battery failure sources
D Mohanty, E Hockaday, J Li, DK Hensley, C Daniel, DL Wood III
Journal of Power Sources 312, 70-79, 2016
Noncompetitive and competitive adsorption of heavy metals in sulfur-functionalized ordered mesoporous carbon
D Saha, S Barakat, SE Van Bramer, KA Nelson, DK Hensley, J Chen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (49), 34132-34142, 2016
Superior conductive solid-like electrolytes: nanoconfining liquids within the hollow structures
J Zhang, Y Bai, XG Sun, Y Li, B Guo, J Chen, GM Veith, DK Hensley, ...
Nano letters 15 (5), 3398-3402, 2015
Large-scale synthesis of arrays of high-aspect-ratio rigid vertically aligned carbon nanofibres
AV Melechko, TE McKnight, DK Hensley, MA Guillorn, AY Borisevich, ...
Nanotechnology 14 (9), 1029, 2003
Self-aligned gated field emission devices using single carbon nanofiber cathodes
MA Guillorn, AV Melechko, VI Merkulov, DK Hensley, ML Simpson, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (19), 3660-3662, 2002
Control mechanisms for the growth of isolated vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
VI Merkulov, DK Hensley, AV Melechko, MA Guillorn, DH Lowndes, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (41), 10570-10577, 2002
Formation of metallic nanoclusters in silica by ion implantation
D Ila, EK Williams, S Sarkisov, CC Smith, DB Poker, DK Hensley
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1998
Enhanced Performance Consistency in Nanoparticle/TIPS Pentacene‐Based Organic Thin Film Transistors
Z He, K Xiao, W Durant, DK Hensley, JE Anthony, K Hong, SM Kilbey, ...
Advanced functional materials 21 (19), 3617-3623, 2011
Conjugated polymer-mediated polymorphism of a high performance, small-molecule organic semiconductor with tuned intermolecular interactions, enhanced long-range order, and …
J Chen, M Shao, K Xiao, Z He, D Li, BS Lokitz, DK Hensley, SM Kilbey, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (21), 4378-4386, 2013
Covalent functionalization and electron-transfer properties of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers: the importance of edge-plane sites
EC Landis, KL Klein, A Liao, E Pop, DK Hensley, AV Melechko, ...
Chemistry of Materials 22 (7), 2357-2366, 2010
Switching phase separation mode by varying the hydrophobicity of polymer additives in solution-processed semiconducting small-molecule/polymer blends
Z He, D Li, DK Hensley, AJ Rondinone, J Chen
Applied Physics Letters 103 (11), 2013
Digital electrostatic electron-beam array lithography
LR Baylor, DH Lowndes, ML Simpson, CE Thomas, MA Guillorn, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2002
Lithium malonatoborate additives enabled stable cycling of 5 V lithium metal and lithium ion batteries
Y Li, GM Veith, KL Browning, J Chen, DK Hensley, MP Paranthaman, ...
Nano Energy 40, 9-19, 2017
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