Régis Bigot
Régis Bigot
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Indentation size effect: reality or artefact?
A Iost, R Bigot
Journal of Materials Science 31, 3573-3577, 1996
Experimental investigation of the influence of the FSW plunge processing parameters on the maximum generated force and torque
S Zimmer, L Langlois, J Laye, R Bigot
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Statistical tolerance analysis of bevel gear by tooth contact analysis and Monte Carlo simulation
J Bruyere, JY Dantan, R Bigot, P Martin
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Hardness of coatings
A Iost, R Bigot
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Microstructure and flow behaviour during backward extrusion of semi-solid 7075 aluminium alloy
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Impact of experimental conditions on material response during forming of steel in semi-solid state
E Becker, V Favier, R Bigot, P Cezard, L Langlois
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Micro-macro modeling of the isothermal steady-state behaviour of semi-solids
V Favier, C Rouff, R Bigot, M Berveiller, M Robelet
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Characterisation of semi-solid material mechanical behaviour by indentation test
R Bigot, V Favier, C Rouff
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 160 (1), 43-53, 2005
Set based robust design of mechanical systems using the quantifier constraint satisfaction algorithm
AJ Qureshi, JY Dantan, J Bruyere, R Bigot
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 23 (7), 1173-1186, 2010
Microstructure observation and quantification of the liquid fraction of M2 steel grade in the semi-solid state, combining confocal laser scanning microscopy and X-ray …
GC Gu, R Pesci, L Langlois, E Becker, R Bigot, MX Guo
Acta materialia 66, 118-131, 2014
Simulation of semi-solid thixoforging using a micro-macro constitutive equation
P Cezard, V Favier, R Bigot, T Balan, M Berveiller
Computational Materials Science 32 (3-4), 323-328, 2005
Evaluation of process causes and influences of residual stress on gear distortion
R Husson, JY Dantan, C Baudouin, S Silvani, T Scheer, R Bigot
CIRP annals 61 (1), 551-554, 2012
Transient and non-isothermal semi-solid behaviour: 3D micromechanical modelling
V Favier, P Cezard, R Bigot
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Vectorial tolerance allocation of bevel gear by discrete optimization
JY Dantan, J Bruyere, JP Vincent, R Bigot
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Gear geometric control software: approach by entities
C Baudouin, R Bigot, S Leleu, P Martin
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 38, 120-129, 2008
Microstructure and mechanical properties of high strength steel deposits obtained by Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing
C Bourlet, S Zimmer-Chevret, R Pesci, R Bigot, A Robineau, F Scandella
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 285, 116759, 2020
Methodology for qualifying a Friction Stir Welding equipment
S Zimmer, L Langlois, J Laye, JC Goussain, P Martin, R Bigot
7th International Symposium on Friction Stir Welding-Awaji Island, Japan, 20p., 2008
Cobalt-based superalloy layers deposited on X38CrMoV5 steel base metal by explosion cladding process
S Ettaqi, L Langlois, R Bigot
Surface and Coatings Technology 202 (14), 3306-3315, 2008
Consideration of residual stress and geometry during heat treatment to decrease shaft bending
R Husson, C Baudouin, R Bigot, E Sura
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 72, 1455-1463, 2014
A new route for semi-solid steel forging
T Balan, E Becker, L Langlois, R Bigot
CIRP Annals 66 (1), 297-300, 2017
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