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First demonstration of multiplexed x-ray fluorescence computed tomography (XFCT) imaging
Y Kuang, G Pratx, M Bazalova, B Meng, J Qian, L Xing
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 32 (2), 262-267, 2012
Ultrafast and scalable cone‐beam CT reconstruction using MapReduce in a cloud computing environment
B Meng, G Pratx, L Xing
Medical physics 38 (12), 6603-6609, 2011
Development of XFCT imaging strategy for monitoring the spatial distribution of platinum‐based chemodrugs: instrumentation and phantom validation
Y Kuang, G Pratx, M Bazalova, J Qian, B Meng, L Xing
Medical physics 40 (3), 030701, 2013
Systems and methods for simultaneous acquisition of scatter and image projection data in computed tomography
BP Fahimian, L Xing, B Meng
US Patent 8,989,469, 2015
Distributed MLEM: An iterative tomographic image reconstruction algorithm for distributed memory architectures
J Cui, G Pratx, B Meng, CS Levin
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 32 (5), 957-967, 2013
Inverse planning for IMRT with nonuniform beam profiles using total‐variation regularization (TVR)
T Kim, L Zhu, TS Suh, S Geneser, B Meng, L Xing
Medical physics 38 (1), 57-66, 2011
Clinical implementation of intrafraction cone beam computed tomography imaging during lung tumor stereotactic ablative radiation therapy
R Li, B Han, B Meng, PG Maxim, L Xing, AC Koong, M Diehn, BW Loo Jr
International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 87 (5), 917-923, 2013
Sinogram preprocessing and binary reconstruction for determination of the shape and location of metal objects in computed tomography (CT)
B Meng, J Wang, L Xing
Medical physics 37 (11), 5867-5875, 2010
Single‐scan patient‐specific scatter correction in computed tomography using peripheral detection of scatter and compressed sensing scatter retrieval
B Meng, H Lee, L Xing, BP Fahimian
Medical Physics 40 (1), 011907, 2013
Requirement of ultra-high voltage GIS arrester to voltage gradient of metal-oxide varistor
JL He, J Hu, BW Meng, B Zhang, B Zhu, SM Chen, R Zeng
Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences 52 (2), 450-455, 2009
Cone beam CT imaging with limited angle of projections and prior knowledge for volumetric verification of non-coplanar beam radiation therapy: a proof of concept study
B Meng, L Xing, B Han, A Koong, D Chang, J Cheng, R Li
Physics in Medicine & Biology 58 (21), 7777, 2013
A unified framework for 3D radiation therapy and IMRT planning: plan optimization in the beamlet domain by constraining or regularizing the fluence map variations
B Meng, L Zhu, B Widrow, S Boyd, L Xing
Physics in Medicine & Biology 55 (22), N521, 2010
Potential distribution analysis and improvement of 1000 kV gas insulted switch metal oxide arrester
B Meng, B Zhang, J He
2007 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS …, 2007
Single scan scatter correction in cone beam CT using a stationary boundary blocker and compressed sensing-based scatter estimation
B Meng, H Lee, L Xing, BP Fahimian
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 84 (3), S82-S83, 2012
SU‐GG‐T‐145: Inverse Planning for IMRT with Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beams
L Xing, B Meng, L Wang, K Kielar, E Mok
Medical Physics 37 (6Part17), 3218-3218, 2010
Development of XFCT Imaging Strategy for Monitoring the Spatial Distribution of Platinum Drugs: Instrumentation and Phantom Validation
Y Kuang, G Pratx, J Qian, B Meng, M Bazalova, L Xing
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 84 (3), S132-S133, 2012
TH‐A‐213CD‐02: BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING)‐The Feasibility of Multiplexed Biomarker Detection Using X‐Ray Stimulated Fluorescence Imaging
Y Kuang, G Pratx, B Meng, J Qian, M Bazalova, L Xing
Medical Physics 39 (6Part29), 3986-3986, 2012
TU‐A‐213CD‐05: Single‐Scan Scatter Correction in Cone Beam CT Using Stationary Boundary Blockers and Compressed Sensing
B Meng, L Xing, B Fahimian, H Lee
Medical Physics 39 (6Part23), 3891-3891, 2012
WE‐C‐217BCD‐07: Best in Physics (Joint Eyiaging‐Therapy)‐Direct Imaging of the Uptake of Platinum Anticancer Agents Using X‐Ray Stimulated Fluorescence: A Proof‐Of‐Concept Study
Y Kuang, G Pratx, J Qian, B Meng, M Bazalova, L Xing
Medical Physics 39 (6Part27), 3950-3951, 2012
SU‐E‐I‐39: Metal Artifacts Reduction Using Sinogram Pre‐Processing and Post‐Processing in Computed Tomography (CT)
B Meng, J Wang, L Xing
Medical Physics 38 (6Part4), 3404-3404, 2011
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