Daniel J. Mandell
Daniel J. Mandell
GRO Biosciences
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ROSETTA3: an object-oriented software suite for the simulation and design of macromolecules
A Leaver-Fay, M Tyka, SM Lewis, OF Lange, J Thompson, R Jacak, ...
Methods in enzymology 487, 545-574, 2011
Sub-angstrom accuracy in protein loop reconstruction by robotics-inspired conformational sampling
DJ Mandell, EA Coutsias, T Kortemme
Nature methods 6 (8), 551-552, 2009
Biocontainment of genetically modified organisms by synthetic protein design
DJ Mandell, MJ Lajoie, MT Mee, R Takeuchi, G Kuznetsov, JE Norville, ...
Nature 518 (7537), 55-60, 2015
A mechanism for tunable autoinhibition in the structure of a human Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase II holoenzyme
LH Chao, MM Stratton, IH Lee, OS Rosenberg, J Levitz, DJ Mandell, ...
Cell 146 (5), 732-745, 2011
Computer-aided design of functional protein interactions
DJ Mandell, T Kortemme
Nature chemical biology 5 (11), 797-807, 2009
A general strategy to construct small molecule biosensors in eukaryotes
J Feng, BW Jester, CE Tinberg, DJ Mandell, MS Antunes, R Chari, ...
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Strengths of hydrogen bonds involving phosphorylated amino acid side chains
DJ Mandell, I Chorny, ES Groban, SE Wong, E Levine, CS Rapp, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (4), 820-827, 2007
Backbone flexibility in computational protein design
DJ Mandell, T Kortemme
Current opinion in biotechnology 20 (4), 420-428, 2009
Genome-wide analysis of p53 under hypoxic conditions
EM Hammond, DJ Mandell, A Salim, AJ Krieg, TM Johnson, HA Shirazi, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 26 (9), 3492-3504, 2006
Computational design of a modular protein sense-response system
AA Glasgow, YM Huang, DJ Mandell, M Thompson, R Ritterson, ...
Science 366 (6468), 1024-1028, 2019
Assessment of flexible backbone protein design methods for sequence library prediction in the therapeutic antibody herceptin–HER2 interface
M Babor, DJ Mandell, T Kortemme
Protein Science 20 (6), 1082-1089, 2011
EGFR-binding peptides: From computational design towards tumor-targeting of adeno-associated virus capsids
RC Feiner, I Kemker, L Krutzke, E Allmendinger, DJ Mandell, N Sewald, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (24), 9535, 2020
Synthetic auxotrophy remains stable after continuous evolution and in coculture with mammalian cells
AM Kunjapur, MG Napolitano, E Hysolli, K Noguera, EM Appleton, ...
Science Advances 7 (27), eabf5851, 2021
Production of seleno-biologics in genomically recoded organisms
DJ Mandell, CJ Gregg, R Thyer, AD Ellington, PB Stranges
US Patent App. 16/329,761, 2019
Biosensors engineered from conditionally stable ligand-binding domains
GM Church, J Feng, DJ Mandell, D Baker, S Fields, BW Jester, ...
US Patent 9,766,255, 2017
Human dnase for lung disease
DJ Mandell
US Patent App. 17/323,383, 2021
Non-standard amino acid containing compositions and uses thereof
DJ Mandell, CJ Gregg, PB Stranges
US Patent App. 17/144,946, 2021
Methods of making polypeptides with non-standard amino acids using genomically recoded organisms
GM Church, CJ Gregg, MJ Lajoie, DJ Mandell
US Patent 10,910,085, 2021
Protein Stability-based Small Molecule Biosensors and Methods
GM Church, DJ Mandell, J Feng
US Patent App. 16/083,935, 2020
Continuous Evolution of Engineered Synthetic Auxotrophs for Industrial Application
A Kunjapur, MG Napolitano, M Schubert, E Appleton, K Noguera, ...
2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2018
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