Troy Brady
Troy Brady
University of Pennsylvania, Iowa State University
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Transfusion independence and HMGA2 activation after gene therapy of human β-thalassaemia
M Cavazzana-Calvo, E Payen, O Negre, G Wang, K Hehir, F Fusil, ...
Nature 467 (7313), 318-322, 2010
Decade-long safety and function of retroviral-modified chimeric antigen receptor T cells
J Scholler, TL Brady, G Binder-Scholl, WT Hwang, G Plesa, KM Hege, ...
Science translational medicine 4 (132), 132ra53-132ra53, 2012
HIV-1 capsid-cyclophilin interactions determine nuclear import pathway, integration targeting and replication efficiency
T Schaller, KE Ocwieja, J Rasaiyaah, AJ Price, TL Brady, SL Roth, S Hué, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (12), e1002439, 2011
HIV integration targeting: a pathway involving Transportin-3 and the nuclear pore protein RanBP2
KE Ocwieja, TL Brady, K Ronen, A Huegel, SL Roth, T Schaller, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (3), e1001313, 2011
piggyBac transposase tools for genome engineering
X Li, ER Burnight, AL Cooney, N Malani, T Brady, JD Sander, J Staber, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (25), E2279-E2287, 2013
HIV integration site distributions in resting and activated CD4+ T cells infected in culture
T Brady, LM Agosto, N Malani, CC Berry, U O'Doherty, F Bushman
AIDS (London, England) 23 (12), 1461, 2009
HIV integration site distributions in resting and activated CD4+ T cells infected in culture
T Brady, LM Agosto, N Malani, CC Berry, U O'Doherty, F Bushman
AIDS (London, England) 23 (12), 1461, 2009
Directly infected resting CD4+ T cells can produce HIV Gag without spreading infection in a model of HIV latency
MJ Pace, EH Graf, LM Agosto, AM Mexas, F Male, T Brady, FD Bushman, ...
PLoS pathogens 8 (7), e1002818, 2012
Antiviral effects of autologous CD4 T cells genetically modified with a conditionally replicating lentiviral vector expressing long antisense to HIV
P Tebas, D Stein, G Binder-Scholl, R Mukherjee, T Brady, T Rebello, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 121 (9), 1524-1533, 2013
Integration target site selection by a resurrected human endogenous retrovirus
T Brady, YN Lee, K Ronen, N Malani, CC Berry, PD Bieniasz, ...
Genes & development 23 (5), 633-642, 2009
Phosphorylation regulates integration of the yeast Ty5 retrotransposon into heterochromatin
J Dai, W Xie, TL Brady, J Gao, DF Voytas
Molecular cell 27 (2), 289-299, 2007
Distribution of lentiviral vector integration sites in mice following therapeutic gene transfer to treat β-thalassemia
K Ronen, O Negre, S Roth, C Colomb, N Malani, M Denaro, T Brady, ...
Molecular Therapy 19 (7), 1273-1286, 2011
A method to sequence and quantify DNA integration for monitoring outcome in gene therapy
T Brady, SL Roth, N Malani, GP Wang, CC Berry, P Leboulch, ...
Nucleic acids research 39 (11), e72-e72, 2011
Allosteric inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus integrase: late block during viral replication and abnormal multimerization involving specific protein domains
K Gupta, T Brady, BM Dyer, N Malani, Y Hwang, F Male, RT Nolte, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (30), 20477-20488, 2014
Methods for integration site distribution analyses in animal cell genomes
A Ciuffi, K Ronen, T Brady, N Malani, G Wang, CC Berry, FD Bushman
Methods 47 (4), 261-268, 2009
Recombinant adeno-associated virus integration sites in murine liver after ornithine transcarbamylase gene correction
L Zhong, N Malani, M Li, T Brady, J Xie, P Bell, S Li, H Jones, JM Wilson, ...
Human gene therapy 24 (5), 520-525, 2013
Quantitation of HIV DNA integration: effects of differential integration site distributions on Alu-PCR assays
T Brady, BJ Kelly, F Male, S Roth, A Bailey, N Malani, R Gijsbers, ...
Journal of virological methods 189 (1), 53-57, 2013
Targeting Integration of the Saccharomyces Ty5 Retrotransposon
TL Brady, CL Schmidt, DF Voytas
Chromosomal Mutagenesis, 153-163, 2008
Retrotransposon target site selection by imitation of a cellular protein
TL Brady, PG Fuerst, RA Dick, C Schmidt, DF Voytas
Molecular and cellular biology 28 (4), 1230-1239, 2008
Nondividing cells: a safer bet for integrating vectors?
T Brady, FD Bushman
Molecular Therapy 19 (4), 640-641, 2011
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