Alfredo Rodrigues Vaz
Alfredo Rodrigues Vaz
Centro de Componentes Semicondutores e Nanotecnologias (CCSNano)
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Self-Assembled and One-Step Synthesis of Interconnected 3D Network of Fe3O4/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Hybrid for High-Performance …
R Kumar, RK Singh, AR Vaz, R Savu, SA Moshkalev
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (10), 8880-8890, 2017
Measurement of the elastic modulus of nanostructured gold and platinum thin films
MC Salvadori, IG Brown, AR Vaz, LL Melo, M Cattani
Physical review B 67 (15), 153404, 2003
Towards practical liquid and gas sensing with photonic crystal fibres: side access to the fibre microstructure and single-mode liquid-core fibre
CMB Cordeiro, CJS de Matos, EM dos Santos, A Bozolan, JSK Ong, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 18 (10), 3075, 2007
Fabrication of interdigitated micro-supercapacitor devices by direct laser writing onto ultra-thin, flexible and free-standing graphite oxide films
R Kumar, R Savu, E Joanni, AR Vaz, MA Canesqui, RK Singh, RA Timm, ...
RSC advances 6 (88), 84769-84776, 2016
Controlled density of defects assisted perforated structure in reduced graphene oxide nanosheets-palladium hybrids for enhanced ethanol electro-oxidation
R Kumar, R Savu, RK Singh, E Joanni, DP Singh, VS Tiwari, AR Vaz, ...
Carbon 117, 137-146, 2017
Low-temperature gas and pressure sensor based on multi-wall carbon nanotubes decorated with Ti nanoparticles
RV Gelamo, FP Rouxinol, C Verissimo, AR Vaz, MAB de Moraes, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 482 (4-6), 302-306, 2009
Facile and single step synthesis of three dimensional reduced graphene oxide-NiCoO2 composite using microwave for enhanced electron field emission properties
R Kumar, RK Singh, AK Singh, AR Vaz, CS Rout, SA Moshkalev
Applied surface science 416, 259-265, 2017
Synthesis of self-assembled and hierarchical palladium-CNTs-reduced graphene oxide composites for enhanced field emission properties
R Kumar, RK Singh, DP Singh, AR Vaz, RR Yadav, CS Rout, ...
Materials & Design 122, 110-117, 2017
Microwave-assisted synthesis and deposition of a thin ZnO layer on microwave-exfoliated graphene: optical and electrochemical evaluations
R Kumar, RK Singh, AR Vaz, SA Moshkalev
RSC Advances 5 (83), 67988-67995, 2015
Catalyst-free synthesis of a three-dimensional nanoworm-like gallium oxide–graphene nanosheet hybrid structure with enhanced optical properties
R Kumar, PK Dubey, RK Singh, AR Vaz, SA Moshkalev
RSC advances 6 (21), 17669-17677, 2016
Low contact resistivity and strain in suspended multilayer graphene
FP Rouxinol, RV Gelamo, RG Amici, AR Vaz, SA Moshkalev
Applied Physics Letters 97 (25), 253104, 2010
Thermoelectric effect in very thin film thermocouples
MC Salvadori, AR Vaz, FS Teixeira, M Cattani, IG Brown
Applied physics letters 88 (13), 133106, 2006
Pressure Raman scattering of CdTe quantum dots
PTC Freire, MAA Silva, VCS Reynoso, AR Vaz, V Lemos
Physical Review B 55 (11), 6743, 1997
Grain sizes and surface roughness in platinum and gold thin films
LL Melo, AR Vaz, MC Salvadori, M Cattani
Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials 20, 623-628, 2004
Nonlocal laser annealing to improve thermal contacts between multi-layer graphene and metals
VA Ermakov, AV Alaferdov, AR Vaz, AV Baranov, SA Moshkalev
Nanotechnology 24 (15), 155301, 2013
Thermoelectric power in very thin film thermocouples: Quantum size effects
M Cattani, MC Salvadori, AR Vaz, FS Teixeira, IG Brown
Journal of Applied Physics 100 (11), 114905, 2006
Platinum and gold thin films deposited by filtered vacuum arc: morphological and crystallographic grain sizes
MC Salvadori, LL Melo, AR Vaz, RS Wiederkehr, FS Teixeira, M Cattani
Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (9), 2965-2969, 2006
Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide nanosheet-supported agglomerated cobalt oxide nanoparticles and their enhanced electron field emission properties
R Kumar, RK Singh, AR Vaz, RM Yadav, CS Rout, SA Moshkalev
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (16), 8431-8436, 2017
Simple and Fast Approach for Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide–MoS2Hybrids for Room Temperature Gas Detection
R Kumar, W Dias, RJG Rubira, AV Alaferdov, AR Vaz, RK Singh, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 65 (9), 3943-3949, 2018
Burning Graphene Layer-by-Layer
VA Ermakov, AV Alaferdov, AR Vaz, E Perim, PAS Autreto, R Paupitz, ...
Scientific reports 5, 2015
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