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Harsha Attanayake
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High current density, long duration cycling of soluble organic active species for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
JD Milshtein, AP Kaur, MD Casselman, JA Kowalski, S Modekrutti, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (11), 3531-3543, 2016
A stable two-electron-donating phenothiazine for application in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
JA Kowalski, MD Casselman, AP Kaur, JD Milshtein, CF Elliott, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (46), 24371-24379, 2017
Tailoring two-electron-donating phenothiazines to enable high-concentration redox electrolytes for use in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
NH Attanayake, JA Kowalski, KV Greco, MD Casselman, JD Milshtein, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (12), 4353-4363, 2019
Dual function organic active materials for nonaqueous redox flow batteries
NH Attanayake, Z Liang, Y Wang, AP Kaur, SR Parkin, JK Mobley, ...
Materials Advances 2 (4), 1390-1401, 2021
Quantifying environmental effects on the solution and solid-state stability of a phenothiazine radical cation
AP Kaur, KC Harris, NH Attanayake, Z Liang, SR Parkin, MH Tang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 32 (7), 3007-3017, 2020
Viscous flow properties and hydrodynamic diameter of phenothiazine-based redox-active molecules in different supporting salt environments
Y Wang, AP Kaur, NH Attanayake, Z Yu, TM Suduwella, L Cheng, ...
Physics of Fluids, 2020
Comparison of separators vs membranes in nonaqueous redox flow battery electrolytes containing small molecule active materials
Z Liang, NH Attanayake, KV Greco, BJ Neyhouse, JL Barton, AP Kaur, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (6), 5443-5451, 2021
Comparative study of organic radical cation stability and coulombic efficiency for nonaqueous redox flow battery applications
NH Attanayake, TM Suduwella, Y Yan, AP Kaur, Z Liang, MS Sanford, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (26), 14170-14179, 2021
Gd‐Ni‐Sb‐SnO2 electrocatalysts for active and selective ozone production
JL Lansing, L Zhao, T Siboonruang, NH Attanayake, AB Leo, P Fatouros, ...
AIChE Journal 67 (12), e17486, 2021
A stable, highly oxidizing radical cation
NH Attanayake, AP Kaur, TM Suduwella, CF Elliott, SR Parkin, SA Odom
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (42), 18138-18148, 2020
Performance and pathways of electrochemical cyclohexane oxidation
NH Attanayake, M Tang
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 30, 100791, 2021
Metal-free polypeptide redox flow batteries
Z Liang, TP Nguyen, NH Attanayake, AD Easley, JL Lutkenhaus, ...
Materials Advances 3 (16), 6558-6565, 2022
Improved synthesis of N-ethyl-3, 7-bis (trifluoromethyl) phenothiazine
S Ergun, MD Casselman, AP Kaur, NH Attanayake, SR Parkin, SA Odom
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (26), 11349-11355, 2020
A prototype of high-performance two-electron non-aqueous organic redox flow battery operated at− 40° C
Z Liang, RK Jha, TM Suduwella, NH Attanayake, Y Wang, W Zhang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (46), 24685-24693, 2022
Large variability and complexity of isothermal solubility for a series of redox-active phenothiazines
AS Perera, TM Suduwella, NH Attanayake, RK Jha, WL Eubanks, ...
Materials Advances 3 (23), 8705-8715, 2022
Concentration‐dependent Cycling of Phenothiazine‐based Electrolytes in Nonaqueous Redox Flow Cells
A Preet Kaur, BJ Neyhouse, IA Shkrob, Y Wang, N Harsha Attanayake, ...
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 18 (5), e202201171, 2023
Doubling up: Increasing Charge Storage in Organic Donors and Acceptors for Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries
SA Odom, AP Kaur, MD Casselman, NH Attanayake, J Anthony, ...
ECS Transactions 77 (11), 145, 2017
Two-electron donating phenothiazines and use thereof
SA Odom, AP Kaur, MD Casselman, NH Attanayake
US Patent 10,954,201, 2021
1, 9, 10-substituted phenothiazine derivatives with strained radical cations and use thereof
SA Odom, C Risko, MD Casselman, CF Elliott, NH Attanayake, ...
US Patent 10,854,911, 2020
Screening Membranes and Electrolytes for High Performance Nonaqueous Flow Cells
Z Liang, NH Attanayake, JL Barton, FR Brushett, J Landon, SA Odom
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 235, 457-457, 2019
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