Tiancai Zhang
Tiancai Zhang
Shanxi University
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Quantum teleportation of light beams
TC Zhang, KW Goh, CW Chou, P Lodahl, HJ Kimble
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Squeezing and intermode correlations in laser diodes
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Y Gu, L Wang, P Ren, J Zhang, T Zhang, OJF Martin, Q Gong
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Enhanced entanglement of two different mechanical resonators via coherent feedback
J Li, G Li, S Zippilli, D Vitali, T Zhang
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Realization of nonlinear optical nonreciprocity on a few-photon level based on atoms strongly coupled to an asymmetric cavity
P Yang, X Xia, H He, S Li, X Han, P Zhang, G Li, P Zhang, J Xu, Y Yang, ...
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Evanescent-vacuum-enhanced photon-exciton coupling and fluorescence collection
J Ren, Y Gu, D Zhao, F Zhang, T Zhang, Q Gong
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Quantum-dot gain without inversion: Effects of dark plasmon-exciton hybridization
D Zhao, Y Gu, J Wu, J Zhang, T Zhang, BD Gerardot, Q Gong
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XX Hu, ZB Wang, P Zhang, GJ Chen, YL Zhang, G Li, XB Zou, T Zhang, ...
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Photon statistics of light fields based on single-photon-counting modules
G Li, TC Zhang, Y Li, JM Wang
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More nonlocality with less entanglement in a tripartite atom‐optomechanical system
J Zhang, T Zhang, A Xuereb, D Vitali, J Li
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Light-induced atom desorption for cesium loading of a magneto-optical trap: Analysis and experimental investigations
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Y Liu, Z Wang, P Yang, Q Wang, Q Fan, S Guan, G Li, P Zhang, T Zhang
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Chiral cavity quantum electrodynamics with coupled nanophotonic structures
F Zhang, J Ren, L Shan, X Duan, Y Li, T Zhang, Q Gong, Y Gu
Physical Review A 100 (5), 053841, 2019
Elimination of the degenerate trajectory of a single atom strongly coupled to a tilted TEM cavity mode
P Zhang, Y Guo, Z Li, Y Zhang, Y Zhang, J Du, G Li, J Wang, T Zhang
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A comparison of two nonclassical measures, entanglement potential and the negativity of the Wigner function
J Li, G Li, JM Wang, SY Zhu, TC Zhang
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Electromagnetically and optomechanically induced transparency and amplification in an atom-assisted cavity optomechanical system
H Hao, MC Kuzyk, J Ren, F Zhang, X Duan, L Zhou, T Zhang, Q Gong, ...
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Effects of counting rate and resolution time on a measurement of the intensity correlation function
Y Li, G Li, YC Zhang, XY Wang, J Zhang, JM Wang, TC Zhang
Physical Review A 76 (1), 013829, 2007
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