Gourab Kundu
Intelligent mobile health monitoring system (IMHMS)
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Neural cross-lingual entity linking
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Concept-based analysis of scientific literature
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Sf-net: Single-frame supervision for temporal action localization
F Ma, L Zhu, Y Yang, S Zha, G Kundu, M Feiszli, Z Shou
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Relation Alignment for Textual Entailment Recognition.
M Sammons, VGV Vydiswaran, T Vieira, N Johri, MW Chang, ...
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ACN: An associative classifier with negative rules
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On amortizing inference cost for structured prediction
V Srikumar, G Kundu, D Roth
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Neural cross-lingual coreference resolution and its application to entity linking
G Kundu, A Sil, R Florian, W Hamza
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Overview of UI-CCG systems for event argument extraction, entity discovery and linking, and slot filler validation
M Sammons, Y Song, R Wang, G Kundu, CT Tsai, S Upadhyay, S Ancha, ...
Structural learning with amortized inference
KW Chang, S Upadhyay, G Kundu, D Roth
Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2015
Margin-based decomposed amortized inference
G Kundu, V Srikumar, D Roth
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A novel algorithm for associative classification
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Adapting text instead of the model: An open domain approach
G Kundu, D Roth
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Translating procedural documentation into contextual visual and auditory guidance
V Castelli, G Dinu, R Florian, G Kundu, T Moon, A Sil
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Proactive caching
V Castelli, G Dinu, R Florian, G Kundu, T Moon, A Sil
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The ibm systems for entity discovery and linking at tac 2017
A Sil, G Dinu, G Kundu, R Florian
TAC, 2017
A solution to the security issues of an e-government procurement system
MS Islam, S Dey, G Kundu, ASML Hoque
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Personalized scheduling and networking system, method, and recording medium
V Castelli, G Dinu, R Florian, G Kundu, T Moon, A Sil
US Patent 11,010,722, 2021
System, method, and recording medium for power tool accident prevention
V Castelli, R Florian, G Kundu, T Moon, A Sil
US Patent 10,303,126, 2019
Multi-modal Content Localization in Videos Using Weak Supervision
G Kundu, P Arora, F Adeputra, P Kuznetsova, D McKinnon, M Cheung, ...
Proceedings of the 36 th International Conference on Machine Learning, Long …, 2019
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