Michael A. Mahowald
Michael A. Mahowald
Director of Translational Medicine, LEO Pharma
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An obesity-associated gut microbiome with increased capacity for energy harvest
PJ Turnbaugh, RE Ley, MA Mahowald, V Magrini, ER Mardis, JI Gordon
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Helper T cell differentiation is controlled by the cell cycle
JJ Bird, DR Brown, AC Mullen, NH Moskowitz, MA Mahowald, JR Sider, ...
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Reciprocal gut microbiota transplants from zebrafish and mice to germ-free recipients reveal host habitat selection
JF Rawls, MA Mahowald, RE Ley, JI Gordon
Cell 127 (2), 423-433, 2006
Characterizing a model human gut microbiota composed of members of its two dominant bacterial phyla
MA Mahowald, FE Rey, H Seedorf, PJ Turnbaugh, RS Fulton, A Wollam, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (14), 5859-5864, 2009
Evolution of symbiotic bacteria in the distal human intestine
J Xu, MA Mahowald, RE Ley, CA Lozupone, M Hamady, EC Martens, ...
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Accelerated evolution of nervous system genes in the origin of Homo sapiens
S Dorus, EJ Vallender, PD Evans, JR Anderson, SL Gilbert, M Mahowald, ...
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Gut microbiome as a biomarker and therapeutic target for treating obesity or an obesity related disorder
PJ Turnbaugh, RE Ley, MA Mahowald, JI Gordon
US Patent App. 12/519,958, 2010
In vivo imaging and genetic analysis link bacterial motility and symbiosis in the zebrafish gut
JF Rawls, MA Mahowald, AL Goodman, CM Trent, JI Gordon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (18), 7622-7627, 2007
Depletion of normal B cells with rituximab as an adjunct to IL-2 therapy for renal cell carcinoma and melanoma
M Aklilu, WM Stadler, M Markiewicz, NJ Vogelzang, M Mahowald, ...
Annals of oncology 15 (7), 1109-1114, 2004
Aberrantly resolved RAG-mediated DNA breaks in Atm-deficient lymphocytes target chromosomal breakpoints in cis
GK Mahowald, JM Baron, MA Mahowald, S Kulkarni, AL Bredemeyer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (43), 18339-18344, 2009
Clinical responses following nonmyeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation for renal cell carcinoma are associated with expansion of CD8+ IFN-γ-producing T cells
H Harlin, AS Artz, M Mahowald, BI Rini, T Zimmerman, NJ Vogelzang, ...
Bone marrow transplantation 33 (5), 491-497, 2004
High-resolution temporal profiling of the human gut microbiome reveals consistent and cascading alterations in response to dietary glycans
R Creswell, J Tan, JW Leff, B Brooks, MA Mahowald, R Thieroff-Ekerdt, ...
Genome Medicine 12 (1), 1-16, 2020
Out-of-frame T cell receptor beta transcripts are eliminated by multiple pathways in vivo
GK Mahowald, MA Mahowald, C Moon, B Khor, BP Sleckman
PloS one 6 (7), e21627, 2011
Pathology informatics fellowship training: Focus on molecular pathology
D Mandelker, RE Lee, MY Platt, G Riedlinger, A Quinn, LKF Rao, ...
Journal of pathology informatics 5, 2014
case 4-2016: A 58-year-old Woman with a Skin Ulcer, Fever, and Lymphadenopathy
MV Baggett, RG Gonzalez, RP Bhattacharyya, MA Mahowald
New England Journal of Medicine 374 (6), 573-581, 2016
Environmental components and methods for engaging pathology residents in informatics training
CA Garcia, JM Baron, BA Beckwith, V Brodsky, AS Dighe, TM Gudewicz, ...
Journal of pathology informatics 6, 2015
The gut microbiome as a biomarker and therapeutic target for treating obesity or an obesity related disorder
PJ Turnbaugh, RE Ley, MA Mahowald, JI Gordon
An open-label, single-arm clinical study to evaluate safety and tolerability of KB195, a novel glycan in patients with urea cycle disorders
JTA Haberle, E Sawicki, M Mahowald, B Meehan, A Beccarelli, K Weber, ...
J. Inherit. Metab. Dis 42, 242, 2019
Functional genomic examinations of interactions between common members of the human gut microbiota
MA Mahowald
Washington University in St. Louis, 2010
Identification of novel glycans that target gut microbiota-associated ammonia production
K Miller, JW Leff, N Beauchemin, C Liu, M Antalek, D Belanger, ...
Poster presented at: The International Liver Congress, 10-14, 2019
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