Dubravka Kotnik-Karuza
Dubravka Kotnik-Karuza
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Magnetic field of a cylindrical coil
V Labinac, N Erceg, D Kotnik-Karuza
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Vibrational constants of the Rb2 BX system from magnetic rotation spectra
D Kotnik-Karuza, CR Vidal
Chemical Physics 40 (1-2), 25-31, 1979
The effect of dust obscuration in RR Telescopii on optical and IR long-term photometry and Fe II emission lines
D Kotnik-Karuza, M Friedjung, PA Whitelock, F Marang, K Exter, ...
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CH Cygni: TiO molecule as a probe of temperature variations in the atmosphere of the cool component
D Kotnik-Karuza, R Jurdana-Sepic
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The region of Fe II emission line formation of the symbiotic nova RR Telescopii
D Kotnik-Karuza, M Friedjung, PL Selvelli
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Circumstellar Dust in Symbiotic Miras during Obscuration Events
D Kotnik-Karuza, T Jurkic, M Friedjung
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The quiescent phase of CH Cygni during the period 1987-1989
D Kotnik-Karuza, R Jurdana, M Hack
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CH Cygni 1987-89: The inactive state as a precursor to the new outburst
D Kotnik-Karuza, R Jurdana-Šepić
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Atmospheric parameters of the B-supergiant HD 198478 from the UV spectra
T Jurkić, MS Deković, DD Prester, D Kotnik-Karuza
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Search for the remnants of the 1977-1986 outburst in the quiescent phase of CH Cygni.
R Jurdana, D Kotnik-Karuza
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Probing students' conceptual knowledge of satellite motion through the use of diagram
N Erceg, I Aviani, V Mešić, Z Kaliman, D Kotnik-Karuza
Revista mexicana de física E 60 (1), 75-85, 2014
Modelling of dust around the symbiotic Mira RR Telescopii during obscuration epochs
T Jurkic, D Kotnik-Karuza
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Atmospheric thermal structure of a sample of M type giants
R Jurdana-Šepić, D Kotnik-Karuza
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M Friedjung, K Exter
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New results about dust in the envelope of the symbiotic nova RR Tel
D Kotnik-Karuza, M Friedjung, K Exter, FP Keenan, DL Pollacco, ...
Spectroscopically and Spatially Resolving the Components of the Close Binary …, 2004
New Results Concerning the Fe II Lines of RR Tel
D Kotnik-Karuza, M Friedjung, K Exter, FP Keenan, DL Pollacco
Symbiotic Stars Probing Stellar Evolution 303, 136, 2003
[O/C] abundance ratio for cool giants from the receding tip of the stellar Galactic bar
D Kotnik-Karuza, R Jurdana-Šepić, YP Pavlenko
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RR Tel: Determination of Dust Properties During Minimum Obscuration
T Jurkić, D Kotnik-Karuza
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Molecular Spectroscopy of CH CYG in the 1998--2000 Active Phase
D Kotnik-Karuza, R Jurdana-Sepic, Z Majlinger
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Dust around the Cool Component of D-Type Symbiotic Binaries
T Jurkic, D Kotnik-Karuza
Astronomy Letters 44 (4), 265-277, 2018
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