Tibor K. Pogány
Tibor K. Pogány
University of Rijeka, Croatia and Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
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Integral and computational representations of the extended Hurwitz–Lerch zeta function
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TK Pogány
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Almost sure sampling restoration of bandlimited stochastic signals
T Pogány
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Turán type inequalities for Krätzel functions
Á Baricz, D Jankov, TK Pogány
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Inequalities for a unified family of Voigt functions in several variables
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GV Milovanović, TK Pogány
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Integral representations for Neumann-type series of Bessel functions 𝐼_ {𝜈}, 𝑌_ {𝜈} and 𝐾_ {𝜈}
Á Baricz, D Jankov, T Pogány
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 140 (3), 951-960, 2012
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