Irene Ricca
Irene Ricca
Città della Salute e della Scienza - Presidio OIRM/S. Anna - Torino
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Prognostic significance of blood coagulation tests in lung cancer
D Ferrigno, G Buccheri, I Ricca
European Respiratory Journal 17 (4), 667-673, 2001
Telomere length is an independent predictor of survival, treatment requirement and Richter's syndrome transformation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
D Rossi, C Lobetti Bodoni, E Genuardi, L Monitillo, D Drandi, M Cerri, ...
Leukemia 23 (6), 1062-1072, 2009
Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) is frequently expressed in multiple myeloma and is an independent predictor of poor outcome
M Ladetto, S Vallet, A Trojan, M Dell'Aquila, L Monitillo, R Rosato, L Santo, ...
Blood 105 (12), 4784-4791, 2005
A validated real-time quantitative PCR approach shows a correlation between tumor burden and successful ex vivo purging in follicular lymphoma patients
M Ladetto, S Sametti, JW Donovan, D Ferrero, M Astolfi, M Mitterer, ...
Experimental Hematology 29 (2), 183-193, 2001
Rituximab induces effective clearance of minimal residual disease in molecular relapses of mantle cell lymphoma
M Ladetto, M Magni, G Pagliano, F De Marco, D Drandi, I Ricca, M Astolfi, ...
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 12 (12), 1270-1276, 2006
Telomere length identifies two different prognostic subgroups among VH-unmutated B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients
I Ricca, A Rocci, D Drandi, R Francese, M Compagno, C Lobetti Bodoni, ...
Leukemia 21 (4), 697-705, 2007
Concurrent administration of high-dose chemotherapy and rituximab is a feasible and effective chemo/immunotherapy for patients with high-risk non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
M Ladetto, F Zallio, S Vallet, I Ricca, A Cuttica, D Caracciolo, P Corradini, ...
Leukemia 15 (12), 1941-1949, 2001
Telomere length correlates with histopathogenesis according to the germinal center in mature B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders
M Ladetto, M Compagno, I Ricca, M Pagano, A Rocci, M Astolfi, D Drandi, ...
Blood 103 (12), 4644-4649, 2004
PCR-detectable nonneoplastic Bcl-2/IgH rearrangements are common in normal subjects and cancer patients at diagnosis but rare in subjects treated with chemotherapy
M Ladetto, D Drandi, M Compagno, M Astolfi, F Volpato, C Voena, ...
Journal of clinical oncology 21 (7), 1398-1403, 2003
Rituximab anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody induces marked but transient reductions of peripheral blood lymphocytes in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia patients
M Ladetto, L Bergui, I Ricca, S Campana, A Pileri, C Tarella
Medical Oncology 17, 203-210, 2000
Negative immunomagnetic ex vivo purging combined with high-dose chemotherapy with peripheral blood progenitor cell autograft in follicular lymphoma patients: evidence for long …
C Tarella, P Corradini, M Astolfi, P Bondesan, D Caracciolo, C Cherasco, ...
Leukemia 13 (9), 1456-1462, 1999
Marked telomere shortening in mobilized peripheral blood progenitor cells (PBPC) following two tightly spaced high-dose chemotherapy courses with G-CSF
I Ricca, M Compagno, M Ladetto, A Rocci, M Dell'Aquila, P Omedè, ...
Leukemia 19 (4), 644-651, 2005
Efficacy of rituximab-bendamustine in cold agglutinin haemolytic anaemia refractory to previous chemo-immunotherapy: a case report
A Gueli, D Gottardi, H Hu, I Ricca, A De Crescenzo, C Tarella
Blood Transfusion 11 (2), 311, 2013
Telomere shortening in Ph-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms: a biological marker of polycythemia vera and myelofibrosis, regardless of hydroxycarbamide therapy
M Ruella, S Salmoiraghi, A Risso, A Carobbio, S Buttiglieri, T Spatola, ...
Experimental hematology 41 (7), 627-634, 2013
Long-term lymphoma survivors following high-dose chemotherapy and autograft: evidence of permanent telomere shortening in myeloid cells, associated with marked reduction of …
A Rocci, I Ricca, C Dellacasa, P Longoni, M Compagno, R Francese, ...
Experimental hematology 35 (4), 673-681, 2007
Consensus statements on vaccination in patients with haemophilia—Results from the Italian haemophilia and vaccinations (HEVA) project
E Santagostino, A Riva, S Cesaro, S Esposito, D Matino, RI Mazzucchelli, ...
Haemophilia 25 (4), 656-667, 2019
Comparative assessment of telomere length before and after hematopoietic SCT: role of grafted cells in determining post-transplant telomere status
M Ruella, A Rocci, I Ricca, C Carniti, CL Bodoni, M Ladetto, D Caracciolo, ...
Bone Marrow Transplantation 45 (3), 505-512, 2010
Recurrence of Bcl-2/IgH polymerase chain reaction positivity following a prolonged molecular remission can be unrelated to the original follicular lymphoma clone
M Ladetto, B Mantoan, I Ricca, M Astolfi, D Drandi, M Compagno, S Vallet, ...
Experimental hematology 31 (9), 784-788, 2003
Pain assessment and management in Italian Haemophilia Centres
MND Di Minno, C Santoro, A Corcione, G Di Minno, M Martinelli, ...
Blood Transfusion 19 (4), 335, 2021
High-dose sequential (HDS) chemotherapy for high-risk non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: long-term analysis and future developments
C Tarella, A Cuttica, D Caracciolo, F Zallio, I Ricca, L Bergui, P Gavarotti, ...
Annals of Hematology 80, B123, 2001
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