Abhishek Chaudhuri
Abhishek Chaudhuri
Associate Professor, IISER Mohali, India
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Heat transport and phonon localization in mass-disordered harmonic crystals
A Chaudhuri, A Kundu, D Roy, A Dhar, JL Lebowitz, H Spohn
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The effect of interactions on the cellular uptake of nanoparticles
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Spatiotemporal regulation of chemical reactions by active cytoskeletal remodeling
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Stochastic sensing of polynucleotides using patterned nanopores
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Heat conduction and phonon localization in disordered harmonic crystals
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Translocation through environments with time dependent mobility
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Heat conduction through a trapped solid: the effect of structural changes on the thermal conductance
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Effect of catch bonding on transport of cellular cargo by dynein motors
A Nair, S Chandel, MK Mitra, S Muhuri, A Chaudhuri
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Morphological and dynamical properties of semiflexible filaments driven by molecular motors
N Gupta, A Chaudhuri, D Chaudhuri
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A Chaudhuri, D Chaudhuri
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Sequencing of semiflexible polymers of varying bending rigidity using patterned pores
R Kumar, A Chaudhuri, R Kapri
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Modified fluctuation-dissipation and Einstein relation at nonequilibrium steady states
D Chaudhuri, A Chaudhuri
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Stress relaxation in a perfect nanocrystal by coherent ejection of lattice layers
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Dynein catch bond as a mediator of codependent bidirectional cellular transport
P Puri, N Gupta, S Chandel, S Naskar, A Nair, A Chaudhuri, MK Mitra, ...
Physical Review Research 1, 023019, 2019
Collective transport of weakly interacting molecular motors with Langmuir kinetics
S Chandel, A Chaudhuri, S Muhuri
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A semiflexible polymer in a gliding assay: reentrant transition, role of turnover and activity
A Shee, N Gupta, A Chaudhuri, D Chaudhuri
Soft Matter 17 (8), 2120-2131, 2021
Growing Smooth Interfaces with Inhomogeneous Moving External Fields: Dynamical Transitions, Devil’s Staircases, and Self-Assembled Ripples
A Chaudhuri, PA Sreeram, S Sengupta
Physical review letters 89 (17), 176101, 2002
A Kinetics Driven Commensurate–Incommensurate Transition
A Chaudhuri, PA Sreeram, S Sengupta
Phase Transitions 77 (8-10), 691-701, 2004
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