Chandrasekhar Ramanathan
Chandrasekhar Ramanathan
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth
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Exploring localization in nuclear spin chains
KX Wei, C Ramanathan, P Cappellaro
Physical review letters 120 (7), 070501, 2018
Universal control of nuclear spins via anisotropic hyperfine interactions
JS Hodges, JC Yang, C Ramanathan, DG Cory
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Simulations of information transport in spin chains
P Cappellaro, C Ramanathan, DG Cory
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Entanglement assisted metrology
P Cappellaro, J Emerson, N Boulant, C Ramanathan, S Lloyd, DG Cory
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Object-specific attenuation correction of SPECT with correlated dual-energy x-ray CT
BH Hasegawa, TF Lang, JK Brown, EL Gingold, SM Reilly, ...
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Dynamic nuclear polarization and spin diffusion in nonconducting solids
C Ramanathan
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Silicon nanoparticles as hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging agents
JW Aptekar, MC Cassidy, AC Johnson, RA Barton, M Lee, AC Ogier, C Vo, ...
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Multispin dynamics of the solid-state NMR free induction decay
H Cho, TD Ladd, J Baugh, DG Cory, C Ramanathan
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Decay of highly correlated spin states in a dipolar-coupled solid: NMR study of Ca F 2
HJ Cho, P Cappellaro, DG Cory, C Ramanathan
Physical Review B 74 (22), 224434, 2006
Coherent-state transfer via highly mixed quantum spin chains
P Cappellaro, L Viola, C Ramanathan
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Dynamics and control of a quasi-one-dimensional spin system
P Cappellaro, C Ramanathan, DG Cory
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Imaging the long-range dipolar field in structured liquid state samples
R Bowtell, S Gutteridge, C Ramanathan
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Experimental characterization of coherent magnetization transport in a one-dimensional spin system
C Ramanathan, P Cappellaro, L Viola, DG Cory
New Journal of Physics 13 (10), 103015, 2011
Physically realistic Monte Carlo simulation of source, collimator and tomographic data acquisition for emission computed tomography
JC Yanch, AB Dobrzeniecki, C Ramanathan, R Behrman
Physics in Medicine and Biology 37 (4), 853, 2000
Mapping the absolute value of M0 using dipolar field effects
S Gutteridge, C Ramanathan, R Bowtell
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: An Official Journal of the International …, 2002
NMR quantum information processing
C Ramanathan, N Boulant, Z Chen, DG Cory, I Chuang, M Steffen
Quantum Information Processing 3 (1), 15-44, 2004
Encoding multiple quantum coherences in non-commuting bases
C Ramanathan, H Cho, P Cappellaro, GS Boutis, DG Cory
Chemical physics letters 369 (3-4), 311-317, 2003
Solid-state NMR three-qubit homonuclear system for quantum-information processing: Control and characterization
J Baugh, O Moussa, CA Ryan, R Laflamme, C Ramanathan, TF Havel, ...
Physical Review A 73 (2), 022305, 2006
Emergent prethermalization signatures in out-of-time ordered correlations
KX Wei, P Peng, O Shtanko, I Marvian, S Lloyd, C Ramanathan, ...
Physical Review Letters 123 (9), 090605, 2019
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