Helge Rask-Andersen
Helge Rask-Andersen
professor at Uppsala University
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Variational anatomy of the human cochlea: implications for cochlear implantation
E Erixon, H Högstorp, K Wadin, H Rask-Andersen
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Immunodefence of the inner ear?: Lymphocyte-macrophage interaction in the endolymphatic sac
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The role of macrophages in the disposal of degeneration products within the organ of corti after acoustic overstimulation
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How to predict cochlear length before cochlear implantation surgery
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The human spiral ganglion: new insights into ultrastructure, survival rate and implications for cochlear implants
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Perilymph/modiolar communication routes in the human cochlea
H Rask-Andersen, A Schrott-Fischer, K Pfaller, R Glueckert
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Responses of the endolymphatic sac to perilymphatic injections and withdrawals: evidence for the presence of a one-way valve
AN Salt, H Rask-Andersen
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Three-dimensional analysis of 61 human endolymphatic ducts and sacs in ears with and without Meniere's disease
GK Hebbar, H Rask-Andersen, FH Linthicum Jr
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The vascular supply of the endolymphatic sac
H Rask-Andersen
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Unique expression of connexins in the human cochlea
W Liu, M Boström, A Kinnefors, H Rask-Andersen
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Macrophages in the human cochlea: saviors or predators—a study using super-resolution immunohistochemistry
W Liu, M Molnar, C Garnham, H Benav, H Rask-Andersen
Frontiers in immunology 9, 223, 2018
Effect of Labyrinthectomy on the Endolymphatic Sac: A Histological, Ultrastractural and Computer-Aided Morphometric Investigation in the Mouse
U Friberg, PA Wackym, D Bagger-Sjöbäck, H Rask-Andersen
Acta oto-laryngologica 101 (3-4), 172-182, 1986
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