Pascal Kockaert
Pascal Kockaert
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Temporal cavity solitons in one-dimensional Kerr media as bits in an all-optical buffer
F Leo, S Coen, P Kockaert, SP Gorza, P Emplit, M Haelterman
Nature Photonics 4 (7), 471-476, 2010
Z-scan measurement of the nonlinear refractive index of graphene
H Zhang, S Virally, Q Bao, LK Ping, S Massar, N Godbout, P Kockaert
Optics letters 37 (11), 1856-1858, 2012
Measuring the nonlinear refractive index of graphene using the optical Kerr effect method
E Dremetsika, B Dlubak, SP Gorza, C Ciret, MB Martin, S Hofmann, ...
Optics Letters 41 (14), 3281-3284, 2016
Negative diffraction pattern dynamics in nonlinear cavities with left-handed materials
P Kockaert, P Tassin, G Van der Sande, I Veretennicoff, M Tlidi
Physical Review A 74 (3), 033822, 2006
Symmetry-breaking instability of multimode vector solitons
C Cambournac, T Sylvestre, H Maillotte, B Vanderlinden, P Kockaert, ...
Physical review letters 89 (8), 083901, 2002
Dispersive wave emission and supercontinuum generation in a silicon wire waveguide pumped around the 1550 nm telecommunication wavelength
F Leo, SP Gorza, J Safioui, P Kockaert, S Coen, U Dave, B Kuyken, ...
Optics letters 39 (12), 3623-3626, 2014
Generation of customized ultrahigh repetition rate pulse sequences using superimposed fiber Bragg gratings
J Azaña, R Slavík, P Kockaert, LR Chen, S LaRochelle
Journal of Lightwave Technology 21 (6), 1490, 2003
Nonlinear symmetry breaking induced by third-order dispersion in optical fiber cavities
F Leo, A Mussot, P Kockaert, P Emplit, M Haelterman, M Taki
Physical review letters 110 (10), 104103, 2013
Nonlinear-dispersive similariton of passive fiber
A Zeytunyan, G Yesayan, L Mouradian, P Kockaert, P Emplit, F Louradour, ...
Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications 4, 2009
Impact of nonlocal interactions in dissipative systems: Towards minimal-sized localized structures
L Gelens, G Van der Sande, P Tassin, M Tlidi, P Kockaert, D Gomila, ...
Physical Review A 75 (6), 063812, 2007
Three-dimensional structures in nonlinear cavities containing left-handed materials
P Tassin, G Van der Sande, N Veretenov, P Kockaert, I Veretennicoff, ...
Optics express 14 (20), 9338-9343, 2006
Dissipative structures in left-handed material cavity optics
P Tassin, L Gelens, J Danckaert, I Veretennicoff, G Van der Sande, ...
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 17 (3), 2007
Generation of a 100-GHz optical pulse train by pulse repetition-rate multiplication using superimposed fiber Bragg gratings
J Azaña, P Kockaert, R Slavík, LR Chen, S LaRochelle
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 15 (3), 413-415, 2003
Spectroscopy of the nonlinear refractive index of colloidal PbSe nanocrystals
I Moreels, Z Hens, P Kockaert, J Loicq, D Van Thourhout
Applied physics letters 89 (19), 2006
Complete characterization of (ultra) short optical pulses using fast linear detectors
P Kockaert, M Haelterman, P Emplit, C Froehly
IEEE Journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 10 (1), 206-212, 2004
Simple amplitude and phase measuring technique for ultrahigh-repetition-rate lasers
P Kockaert, M Peeters, S Coen, P Emplit, M Haelterman, O Deparis
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 12 (2), 187-189, 2000
Isotropic polarization modulational instability and domain walls in spun fibers
P Kockaert, M Haelterman, S Pitois, G Millot
Applied physics letters 75 (19), 2873-2875, 1999
Stability and symmetry breaking of soliton bound states
P Kockaert, M Haelterman
JOSA B 16 (5), 732-740, 1999
Experimental observation of the elliptically polarized fundamental vector soliton of isotropic Kerr media
M Delqué, T Sylvestre, H Maillotte, C Cambournac, P Kockaert, ...
Optics letters 30 (24), 3383-3385, 2005
Dark localized structures in a cavity filled with a left-handed material
M Tlidi, P Kockaert, L Gelens
Physical Review A 84 (1), 013807, 2011
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