Ivan Kokanović
Ivan Kokanović
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science
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Weak-localization and Coulomb-interaction effects in hydrogen-doped Zr-Ni and Zr-Cu metallic glasses
I Kokanović, B Leontić, J Lukatela
Physical Review B 41 (2), 958, 1990
Diamagnetism of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6+ x crystals above T c: Evidence for Gaussian fluctuations
I Kokanović, DJ Hills, ML Sutherland, R Liang, JR Cooper
Physical Review B 88 (6), 060505, 2013
Evidence for Dirac nodes from quantum oscillations in SrFe 2 As 2
M Sutherland, DJ Hills, BS Tan, MM Altarawneh, N Harrison, J Gillett, ...
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Effect of Zn substitution on the normal-state magnetoresistivity of epitaxial and films
I Kokanović, JR Cooper, SH Naqib, RS Islam, RA Chakalov
Physical Review B 73 (18), 184509, 2006
Pseudogap in is not bounded by a line of phase transitions: Thermodynamic evidence
JR Cooper, JW Loram, I Kokanović, JG Storey, JL Tallon
Physical Review B 89 (20), 201104, 2014
Nernst Effect Measurements of Epitaxial and Superconducting Films
I Kokanović, JR Cooper, M Matusiak
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Variable-range-hopping exponents 1/2, 2/5 and 1/4 in HCl-doped polyaniline pellets
M Novak, I Kokanović, D Babić, M Baćani, A Tonejc
Synthetic metals 159 (7-8), 649-653, 2009
Equilibrium doping of polyaniline by dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
M Baćani, D Babić, M Novak, I Kokanović, S Fazinić
Synthetic metals 159 (23-24), 2584-2589, 2009
Effect of disorder on the electrical resistivity in the partially crystalline Zr76Ni24 metallic glasses
I Kokanović
Journal of alloys and compounds 421 (1-2), 12-18, 2006
Influence of the pseudogap on the Nernst coefficient of Y0. 9Ca0. 1Ba2Cu3Oy
M Matusiak, SH Naqib, I Kokanović, JR Cooper
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Structure and crystallization of the partially crystalline Zr76Ni24 metallic glass
I Kokanović, A Tonejc
Materials Science and Engineering: A 373 (1-2), 26-32, 2004
Hopping electron transport in doped polyaniline: An experimental verification of the Fogler–Teber–Shklovskii model
M Baćani, M Novak, I Kokanović, D Babić
Synthetic metals 172, 28-31, 2013
Highly anisotropic interlayer magnetoresitance in ZrSiS nodal-line Dirac semimetal
M Novak, SN Zhang, F Orbanić, N Biliškov, G Eguchi, S Paschen, ...
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Influence of disorder on electrical transport and magnetic properties of HCl-doped polyaniline pellets
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Journal of non-crystalline solids 356 (33-34), 1725-1729, 2010
Nonlocal vortex motion in mesoscopic amorphous Nb 0.7 Ge 0.3 structures
A Helzel, I Kokanović, D Babić, LV Litvin, F Rohlfing, F Otto, C Sürgers, ...
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Magnetoresistance of hydrogen-doped Zr 2 Ni metallic glass
B Leontić, J Lukatela, P Dubek, I Kokanović
Physical review letters 58 (14), 1479, 1987
Magnetization of underdoped above the irreversibility field
JF Yu, BJ Ramshaw, I Kokanović, KA Modic, N Harrison, J Day, R Liang, ...
Physical Review B 92 (18), 180509, 2015
Changes in the in-and out-of-plane magnetic susceptibility of YBCO crystals with temperature and hole content
I Kokanović, JR Cooper, K Iida
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 98 (5), 57011, 2012
Hydrogen-induced changes in magnetic susceptibility of (Zr 68 Fe 32) 1− x H x metallic glasses
I Kokanović, B Leontić, J Lukatela
Physical Review B 60 (10), 7440, 1999
Quantum oscillations in a lead chalcogenide three-dimensional Dirac system
F Orbanić, M Novak, M Baćani, I Kokanović
Physical Review B 95 (3), 035208, 2017
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