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UAV trajectory optimization for data offloading at the edge of multiple cells
F Cheng, S Zhang, Z Li, Y Chen, N Zhao, FR Yu, VCM Leung
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 67 (7), 6732-6736, 2018
Joint trajectory and precoding optimization for UAV-assisted NOMA networks
N Zhao, X Pang, Z Li, Y Chen, F Li, Z Ding, MS Alouini
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Robust AN-aided beamforming and power splitting design for secure MISO cognitive radio with SWIPT
F Zhou, Z Li, J Cheng, Q Li, J Si
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State of the art, taxonomy, and open issues on cognitive radio networks with NOMA
F Zhou, Y Wu, YC Liang, Z Li, Y Wang, KK Wong
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Mobile edge computing in unmanned aerial vehicle networks
F Zhou, RQ Hu, Z Li, Y Wang
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Transceiver design and multihop D2D for UAV IoT coverage in disasters
X Liu, Z Li, N Zhao, W Meng, G Gui, Y Chen, F Adachi
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Energy-efficient optimal power allocation for fading cognitive radio channels: Ergodic capacity, outage capacity, and minimum-rate capacity
F Zhou, NC Beaulieu, Z Li, J Si, P Qi
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Low complexity automatic modulation classification based on order-statistics
L Han, F Gao, Z Li, OA Dobre
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Doppler spread estimation for mobile OFDM systems in Rayleigh fading channels
J Cai, W Song, Z Li
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On the performance of spectrum sharing cognitive relay networks with imperfect CSI
J Chen, J Si, Z Li, H Huang
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Orbital-angular-momentum embedded massive MIMO: Achieving multiplicative spectrum-efficiency for mmWave communications
W Cheng, H Zhang, L Liang, H Jing, Z Li
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Mobicache: When k-anonymity meets cache
X Zhu, H Chi, B Niu, W Zhang, Z Li, H Li
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On the performance of cognitive relay networks under primary user's outage constraint
JB Si, Z Li, XJ Chen, BJ Hao, ZJ Liu
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Efficient soft decision fusion rule in cooperative spectrum sensing
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Capacity analysis of cognitive relay networks with the PU's interference
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Z Li, W Wu, X Liu, P Qi
IET Communications 12 (19), 2485-2492, 2018
Multiband spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks with secondary user hardware limitation: Random and adaptive spectrum sensing strategies
T Xiong, YD Yao, Y Ren, Z Li
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A novel sequential spectrum sensing method in cognitive radio using suprathreshold stochastic resonance
Q Li, Z Li
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Energy efficient resource allocation in hybrid non-orthogonal multiple access systems
J Shi, W Yu, Q Ni, W Liang, Z Li, P Xiao
IEEE Transactions on Communications 67 (5), 3496-3511, 2019
A secure intelligent spectrum control strategy for future THz mobile heterogeneous networks
Z Li, L Guan, C Li, A Radwan
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (6), 116-123, 2018
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