Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson
Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson
Associate Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University
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An agent-based modeling approach to predict the evolution of market share of electric vehicles: A case study from Iceland
E Shafiei, H Thorkelsson, EI Ásgeirsson, B Davidsdottir, M Raberto, ...
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Energy, economic, and mitigation cost implications of transition toward a carbon-neutral transport sector: A simulation-based comparison between hydrogen and electricity
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson
Journal of cleaner production 141, 237-247, 2017
Building kidney exchange programmes in Europe—an overview of exchange practice and activities
P Biró, B Haase-Kromwijk, T Andersson, EI Ásgeirsson, T Baltesová, ...
Transplantation 103 (7), 1514, 2019
Comparative analysis of hydrogen, biofuels and electricity transitional pathways to sustainable transport in a renewable-based energy system
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson
Energy 83, 614-627, 2015
Integrated agent-based and system dynamics modelling for simulation of sustainable mobility
E Shafiei, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson, B Davidsdottir, M Raberto
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Macroeconomic effects of fiscal incentives to promote electric vehicles in Iceland: Implications for government and consumer costs
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, R Fazeli, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson
Energy Policy 114, 431-443, 2018
On a game theoretic approach to capacity maximization in wireless networks
EI Asgeirsson, P Mitra
2011 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM, 3029-3037, 2011
Bridging the gap between self schedules and feasible schedules in staff scheduling
EI Asgeirsson
Annals of Operations Research 218 (1), 51-69, 2014
Potential impact of transition to a low-carbon transport system in Iceland
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson
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Analysis of supply-push strategies governing the transition to biofuel vehicles in a market-oriented renewable energy system
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson, DR Keith
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Simulation of alternative fuel markets using integrated system dynamics model of energy system
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, J Leaver, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson
Procedia Computer Science 51, 513-521, 2015
The role of geothermal resources in sustainable power system planning in Iceland
N Spittler, B Davidsdottir, E Shafiei, J Leaver, EI Asgeirsson, H Stefansson
Renewable Energy 153, 1081-1090, 2020
Simulation-based appraisal of tax-induced electro-mobility promotion in Iceland and prospects for energy-economic development
E Shafiei, B Davidsdottir, H Stefansson, EI Asgeirsson, R Fazeli, ...
Energy Policy 133, 110894, 2019
Integrated energy systems’ modeling studies for sub-Saharan Africa: A scoping review
XS Musonye, B Davíðsdóttir, R Kristjánsson, EI Ásgeirsson, H Stefánsson
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 128, 109915, 2020
Near-optimal MIP solutions for preference based self-scheduling
EI Ásgeirsson, GL Sigurðardóttir
Annals of Operations Research 239 (1), 273-293, 2016
Vertex cover approximations on random graphs
E Asgeirsson, C Stein
International Workshop on Experimental and Efficient Algorithms, 285-296, 2007
A framework for implementation-oriented staff scheduling
EI Ásgeirsson, J Kyngäs, K Nurmi, M Stølevik
Proc of the 5th Multidisciplinary Int. Scheduling Conf.: Theory and …, 2011
Decision support systems for the food industry
S Arason, EI Ásgeirsson, B Margeirsson, S Margeirsson, P Olsen, ...
Handbook on decision making, 295-315, 2010
A fully distributed algorithm for throughput performance in wireless networks
EI Asgeirsson, MM Halldórsson, P Mitra
2012 46th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), 1-5, 2012
Using the PEAST algorithm to roster nurses in an intensive-care unit in a Finnish hospital
N Kyngäs, K Nurmi, EI Ásgeirsson, J Kyngäs
Proc. of the 9th Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated …, 2012
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