Tiago Sotto Mayor
Tiago Sotto Mayor
Principal Investigator, SIMTECH Laboratory, Engineer. Faculty of Porto University
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A healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable indoor environment, a review
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Effects of clothing and fibres properties on the heat and mass transport, for different body heat/sweat releases
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Hydrodynamics of gas–liquid slug flow along vertical pipes in turbulent regime: a simulation study
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Advances in the optimisation of apparel heating products: A numerical approach to study heat transport through a blanket with an embedded smart heating system
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Clothing real evaporative resistance determined by mean of a sweating thermal manikin: a new round-robin study
F Wang, G Havenith, TS Mayor, K Kuklane, J Leonard, M Zwolinska, ...
Ambience14 & 10I3M, Scientific conference for Smart and functional textiles …, 2014
Freezing the Nonclassical Crystal Growth of a Coordination Polymer Using Controlled Dynamic Gradients
M Rubio-Martinez, I Imaz, N Domingo, A Abrishamkar, T Sotto Mayor, ...
Advanced Materials 28, 8150–8155, 2016
Synthesis of 2D porous crystalline materials in simulated microgravity
N Contreras‐Pereda, D Rodríguez‐San‐Miguel, C Franco, S Sevim, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (30), 2101777, 2021
Chirality transfer from a 3D macro shape to the molecular level by controlling asymmetric secondary flows
S Sevim, A Sorrenti, JP Vale, Z El-Hachemi, S Pané, AD Flouris, TS Mayor, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 1766, 2022
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